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sociology 211 final exam racism

sociology 211 final exam racism


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Racist culture
largely shared values, beliefs, norms and symbols that favor one racial or ethnic group over another.
Institutional racism
governmental and social practices that systematically disadvantage one group relative to another.
the social conditions and human actions that lead to the persistence of racial inequality.
what is the meaning or purpose of racial and ethnic categories?
they mark power differencials; they are used for research; they are used to suposidly eliminate racism and make people accountable
Individual racism
the acts of individuals
Affirmative Action
Positive steps taken to ensure that a pool of candidates is as inclusive as possible, that everyone who potentially meets standards learn about the opportunity and has a chance to apply for it, and that everyone who meets the standards is considered fairly. Quotas are not imposed by law, except in a few court cases as remedies for proven past discrimination.
to say "african american" or "black" is that refering to ones race or ethnicity?
black is race while african american is ethinicity because african american shows ancestory
three types of racism
Individual racism, Institutional racism, and Racist culture
socially recognized cultural differences that set groups apart from each other: shared rituals, meaning systems, languages, and frequently religions.
socially reconized groups of people who share physical traits such as stature, skin color, and facial features
categories of race and ethnicity are construction of what?
they are social constructions They are not "natural" or discrete.For example, officially recognized racial categories in the U.S. include White, Black, Hispanics, American Indians/Alaskan Native, Asian/Hawaiian/Pacific. They also vary over time and space
Racialized (and racist) spaces refers to
the cultural biases which define specific areas as white or black

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