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Government Exam Study

Most of these definitions either came from WE THE PEOPLE or from the Lakeview Academy student CAITLEN COLLINS


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implied powers
powers that are not expressly stated but can be inferred from expressly state powers
party system
when political parties control the government
a rule of the US Senate that says that debate on a proposal be cut off and the proposal voted on by the full Senate IF sixty members agree
constitutional government
a limited government
What is the name of the speaker of the house?
Nancy Pelosi
pocket veto
president puts bill in pocket for 10 days to make the bill invalid
social contract theory
the idea that there is an imaginary or actual agreement among people to set up a government and obey its laws
the choice of candidates of a political party for president and vice president;
federal trade committee
the practice of refusing to stop debate in order to prevent the Senate from voting on a proposal
commander in chief
highest ranked person in the Military
how can members on the floor kill a bill?
veto, not pass it (floor)
a plan of the government that sets forth the structures and powers of government
length of service which can determine the power and responsibilities that senators and representatives are given
a form of government in which power is divided and shared between a central government
appellate jurisdiction
The legal authority of a court to hear appeals from a lower court.
How many representatives are from GA?
state of nature
the condition of people living without a government
third party
any political party in the US other than the Democratic or Republican party
The bringing of a court case from a lower court to a higher court in an attempt to have the lower court's decision reversed.
executive order
Directives issued by the president
the group of advisors to the president... chosen by the president
compelling state interest
A public or common good claimed to take precedence over individual interests or, in some cases, rights
the practice of attempting to affect legislation by influencing legislators
to choose a candidate to run for a party
A proposed law placed before the legislature for a vote
drawing the boundaries of an electoral district to favor one political party
popular sovereignty
the natural rights concept that ultimate political authority rests with the people
separated powers
the division of the powers of the government among the different branches.
What are the requirements of becoming a senator
30 yrs old/ resident of state/ citizen for at least 9 years
civil service
employment in federal, state , or provincial and local government agencies
Civic Virtue
the dedication of citizens to the common welfare of their community or country.
What are the requirements of becoming a member of the House of Reps?
25 yrs old/ resident of state/ citizen for 5 years
What is the names of the Senators from GA?
Saxby Chambliss, Johnny Isakson
seditious libel
Written language that seeks to convince others to engage in the overthrow of government
shared powers
legislative powers not completely separated by the government
what is the name of the President pro tempore?
Rober Byrd
consent of the governed
agreement of citizens to obey the laws and the government they create
natural rights
the belief that people have basic rights in a state of nature
independent agencies
administrative organizations located outside the structure of the executive departments
Central intelligence agency
list of the polities and priorities of a political party
How many US Representatives make up the US house of Representatives?
a form of government that dervies its powers directly or indirectly from the people
security and exchange commission
national aeronautics and space association
government departments and agencies and their staffs principally civil service members and political appointees
divine right
the idea prevalent in early modern Europe that monarchs derive their authority directly from God
electoral college
The group of presidential electors who cast the official votes for president and vice president after the presidential election.
common good
the good of the community as a whole as contrasted with private interests that may conflict with the public interest
How can the president kill a bill?
pocket veto, veto
British Legislature which consists of two houses: the house of Lords and the House of Commons
original jurisdiction
In some cases, such as those in which a state is a party, the Supreme Court has the right to consider the facts and the law in a case without it having first been passed on by a lower court.
what is the total number of members who make up the Senate?
a party involved in a lawsuit
federal communication committee
The power or authority to hear cases and make decisions.
rule of the people a form of government in which all citizens exercise political power
redress of grievances
The correction of complaints.
classical republicanism
the ideals and practices of ancient Greek or Roman City-states that emphasized civic participation
How many senators are from GA?
gag rule
Any rule restricting open discussion or debate on a particular issue
enumerated powers
those rights and responsibilities of the U.S. government specifically provided for and listed in the Constitution
political party
and organization seeking to achieve political power by electing members to public office
environmental protection agency
clear and present danger
a standard for judging when freedom of speech can be abridged; "no one has a right to shout `fire' in a crowded theater when there is no fire because such an action would pose a clear and present danger to public safety"
landmark decision
A legal decision that constitutes a turning point or stage.
how can committees kill a bill?
veto, not pass it
Published words or pictures that falsely and maliciously defame a person

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