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US History Exam


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When Roosevelt told the world that he would use US forces to protect American interests in the Western Hemisphere he was supporting which doctrine?
Monroe Doctrine
Which tariff of 1890 ended Hawaii's favored postiton in the sugar trade?
McKinley Tariff of 1890
Spanish ceded Puerto Rico and Guam to the US after which war?
Spanish-American War
Why did Roosevelt send the Great White Fleet around the world?
As a reminder of US's military might
Who was William Randolf Hearst?
He ran the Journal, a newspaper, and competed against Pulitzer
From which country was the poet and writer Jose Marti exiled?
Who was the leader of the Phillipine rebel army during the Spanish-American War?
Emilio Aguinaldo
Who was responsible during the 1800s for bringing diseases to Hawaii that reduced the population by half?
American missionaries, settlers, and traders
What does it mean to annex a country?
"to add on"
establish a sphere of influence
How long did it take the US to build the Panama Canal?
9 years
_____ Treaty gave US control of the Panama Canal
Hay Bunau-Varilla
______ was the engineer in charge of building the canal for the French
Phillipe Bunua-Varilla
name of the calvary unit led by Teddy Roosevelt in Cuba
Rough Riders
_________ was the group who sought to overthrow the monarch and persuade the US to annex Hawaii
The Hawaiian League
________ out break stalled the building of the Panama Canal
yellow fever
war fought over China
the quest for colonial empires
the Hawaiian queen who wanted to restore Hawaii's independence
the publisher whose tales of Spanish atrocities in Cuba encouraged war with Spain
the American Secretary of State who called for Open Door Policy
John Hay
the rebellion group of Chinese who drove foreigners from China
Boxer Rebellion
the President who proposed the League of Nations
the US Admiral who encouraged the biulding of a larger US navy
an amendment added to the Cuban constitution by US demand
Platt Amendment
the man who discovered and explored the Hawaiian Islands
German U-boarts attacked ships to prevent them from reaching ______
What was used along the front line to slow the enemy?
barbed wire and land mines
The British Navy blockaded _______ and mined the _________
North Sea
At which battle did the Allies introduce tanks?
Battle of Somme
Even before the war, how did the US support the Allies?
gave them war supplies
The Schlieffen Plan called for an invasion of _____ through _______
Having troops rush across land into enemy fire was a part of what type of warfare?
trench warfare
During WWI name 3 groups that faced discrimination
African Americans
American Indians
Mexican Americans
Germany offered to help Mexico reclaim territory in March 1917 by sending a message that became known as the _________ note
Where did the soldiers of the American Expeditoinary Force fight?
Name 3 well known authors of the Lost Generation
What was the main povision of the 18th Amendment?
ban of alcohol
A higher accident rate was the result of the wider use of the __________
What type of music originated from African American musicians in the South?
Which act passed by Congress enforced prohibition?
Volstead Act
Who made the following quote: "It will cost a man his job to have the odor of beet, wine, or liquor on his breath or have any intoxicants at his home"?
the practice of accepting religious text as literally true
Which industry was the nation's biggest business in the 1920s?
Who was "Shoeless" Joe Jackson?
accused of throwing the World Series in 1919
Increased productivity in industry especially in the auto industry was made possible because of the use of the _____________
assembly line
Who were flappers?
young women who adopted the new style of clothing and attitude in the 1920s
Slave music and religious spirituals gave birth to a kind of music known as the _____
Who designed the Chrysler Building?
not Fitzgerald
What was the most popluar type of flims in the 1920s?
How much did workers at Ford's auto factory earn?
$5 a day
_____________________ required men 21-30 to register for the army
Selective Service Act
the glorification of military strength
_____________ were sold by the government to raise money to support the war effort
Liberty bonds
_________ was sunk by a German sub and 128 Americans lost lives
________ was the general in charge of US troops sent to France in June 1917
leader of the Bolsheviks who seized power in Russia in 1917
system used by US warships to escort merchant vessels across the Atlantic Ocean
convoy system
movement norhtward by African Americans in 1915 and 1930
Great Migration
heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne who visited Sarajevo in June 1914
Franz Ferdinand
proposed a German alliance with Mexico
Zimmerman Note
this group supported violence against African Americans and other minorites
____ was the high ranking official who recommended cutting taxes for the wealthy
name given to a period of anticommunist hysteria
Red Scare
nickname was Silent Cal
he organized the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
name of the scandal when the secretary of the interior granted private leases to oil reserves in California and Wyoming
Teapot Dome Scandal
he was executed along with Bartolomeo Vanzetti
Nicola Sacco
the transition from wartime to peacetime production levels
sought laws against lynching and other acts of violence
proposed to Congress in 1923 by Alice Paul
Equal Rights Amendement
Mickey Mouse cartoonist of the 1930s
Walt Disney
deep economic downturn lasting from 1929-1940
The Great Depression
a novel about a lost utopia in Tibet
The Lost Horizon
thought government should let business get out of the depression on its own
the highest tariff in US history
Smoot-Hawley Tariff
president who offered a "New Deal"
term for an upward trend in stock market
bull market
the practice of buying stocks with borrowed money
margin buying
President who faced blame for shantytowns
Ocobter 29, 1929
Black Tuesday
WWI veterans who protested in Washington, DC
Bonus Army
mutual aid societies
the idea that success comes form individual effort
rugged individualism
playing the market
stock specualtion
the regualr ups and downs of business
business cycle
produced the famous photograph, Migrant Mother
wrote Gone With the Wind
Whic region of the US did Georgia O'Keefe mainly paint?
Who gave "fireside chats"?
(T or F) The Civilian Conservation Corp built roads
In which region of the US was the dust bowl located
Great Plains
Who is famous for the quote "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"?
Which program did Huey Long propose?
Share Our Wealth
Bank deposits are insured by this agency
Was Harry Hopkins a critic of the New Deal?
The radio show that helped popularize country music during the depression
The Grand Ole Opry
Name of the administration that provieded electricity to rural areas
Rural Electrification Administration
The area of the US were the Dust Bowl farmers headed after the Dust Bowl drought
Whic group of people did Eleanor Roosevelt champion for racial justice?
African Americans
Who authored The Grapes of Wrath?
Which date will "live in infamy"?
December 7, 1941
What was the foreign policy followed by the US in the 1920s and 1930s?
This agreement between Roosevelt and Churchill made while oh a ship in Newfoundland stated that the US and Britianwould not pursue territorial expansion after WWII
Atlantic Charter
After the attack by Germany of this country Great Britian and France declared war
Which country bombed the US naval fleet at Pearl Harbor
This leader of the Soviet Union signed a nonaggression pact with Hitler
What is anti-Semitism?
hatred of Jews
Conference at which the British prime minister gave control of the Sudentenland to Germany
Munich Conference
British prime minister who wanted to appease Hitler
Hitler's "lightening warfare"
The line of defenses along the French border with Germany
(T or F) The caudillos controlled Mexico in the 1930s
Which nation violated the Kellogg-Briand Pact in 1931?
The nation with a secret orgainzation called the Resistance
This nation's army was known as the Red Army
Soviet Union
Nanjing, a Chinese city, was occupied by this country in November 1937
international coalition of groups that opposed fascism
Popular Front
war fought in Spain between Fascists and Loyalists
Spanish Civil War
he broadcasted a radio porgram, War of the Worlds," that frightened many Americans
Orson Wells
Amerian author of The Sun Also Rises
Who was the leader of the US Pacific fleet?
Which Allied battle victory stopped the Japanese advance on Australia?
Battle of the Coral Sea
Which was the bloodiest battle of the war in the Pacific?
Battle of Okinawa
Which battle did the Soviet forces win against the Axiz Powers in late January 1943
Who led the British forces to victory in North Africa
What battle was the final counterattack for Germany
Battle of the Bulge
Who commanded the German Afrika Korps and was known as the Desert Fox
General McArthur made a famous quote, "I shall return," to which place was he going to return?
Who was given command of all US army units in the Pacific?
Where did the Allies land on D-Day?
US troops would attack and seize only certain, strategic Japanese-held islands instead of trying to recapture them all.. known as..
island hopping
President who decided to use the atomic bomb on Japan
African American labor leader who planned a march on DC
A. Phillip Randolph
Nazi Germany's systematic slaughter of European Jews
Victory in Europe
marked the end of WWII in Europe
V-E Day
the deliberate annihilation of an entire people
controlled the flow of war news at home
Office of War Mobilization
US v Japs; marines attacked the island of Iwo Jima; several thousand marines and 20,000 Japs were killed; Americans planted flag after battle
Iwo Jima
the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on this city
city in which Hitler died in a bunker
long range rockets fired at England and Belgium
________________ was the island won by the US after breaking the Japanese code turning point and a true naval air battle
Battle of Midway
Japanese Americans wer forced into camps in US
major Nazi death camp
post-war peace was discussed
Yalta Conference
What is called restricting the expansion of Soviet communism?
Who was treated as a hero upon returning to the US during the Korean War, even whough he had been relieved of this command?
Which country launched Spunik into space in 1957?
Soviet Union
Which President ended the Korean War?
Which country had control of satllite nations?
Soviet Union
Who was the Republican candidate for the 1952 election?
Food and supplies were delivered to people during this time
Berling Airlift
Where did many European Jews move after WWII
What party was formed in 1911 by students in China?
What was the name of the war which was like a competition between the US and the Soviet Union?
Cold War
Which congressional act made it a federal crime to prevent qualified persons from voting?
Civil Rights Act
What type of music did the 1950s teens seek which was considered nonconformist?
Which Supreme Court case ruling declared segregation illegal public education?
Brown vs Board of Education
Which medium had the most influence over advertising after WWII?
Which Supreme Court case established the legality of "seperate but equal" educational facilities?
Plessy vs Ferguson
What is the purpose of the Council of Economic Advisers?
give economic advise to the President
Why was the GI Bill of Rights created?
help veterans
prevent economic depression
Who was arrested for refusing to give a bus seat to a white passenger?
Rosa Parks
What was the Baby Boom?
high birth rate after WWII
Who were the Little Rock Nine?
African American students who were admitted to an all white high school in 1954
Which supreme Court case greated the accused to have a lawyer present during police investigations?
Escobedo vs Illinios
What is the national health care program for people over the age of 65?
Which President can be described by the following: Democrat, Roman Catholic, served in WWII?
Who was the conservative Republican candidate for president in 1964?
Who wrote the book Silent Spring which showed the ways in which Americans were poisoning their environment with pesticides?
Rachel Carson
In which crisis did the US and the Soviet Union come to the brink of war in 1962?
Cuban Missile Crisis
What is the federal program that provides free health care to the poor?
Which President can be described by the following: Republican, chose Lodge as his running mate, felt he had maturity and experience to serve as president?
What was the anti-poverty program for preschool education for low-income families?
Head Start
Who wan the 1960 televised presidential debate?
the group that led to the integration of many southern restaurants
the FBI director who attempted to "disrupt" and "discredit" black nationalists and various civil rights organizations
J. Edgar Hoover
led to increases in African American voter registration
Passage of voting rights
expanded into the SCLC
Montgomery Improvement Association
the plan that brought in white volunteers to help with voter registration
Freedom Summer
the governor who banned the protest march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965
the jail from which MLK, Jr wrote a famous letter to a group of clergymen
Birmingham jail
the state where SNCC organizer John Lewis maintained that voter registration was increased in this state it could be increased in the rest of the country
the Supreme Court justice who dissented from the fuling in U of California vs Bakke
became the first African American mayor of Cleveland
the Court case that encouraged companies to create affirmative action programs
Griggs vs Duke Hower Co.
the year the Supreme Court banned racial segregation in public school
the margin in the early 1970s polls that showed the white Americans opposed court-ordered busing
led the SNCC in the controversial protests against the Vietnam War
the name of the settlement constructed to draw attention to African American poverty
Resurrection City
hoped to draw attention to violations of a Supreme Court ruling that stated segregation was illegal in facilities that served insterstate travelers
Freedom Riders
the act that put the entire voter registration process under federal control
Voting Rights Act
the leader of the SCLC who wanted white supporters to help in voter registration drives
took over as leader of the SCLC after MLK, Jr's assasination
called for unity of all people after converting to orthodox Islam
Malcom X
a political party started by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
Black Panther Party
CORE worker who was murdered during Freedom Summer
delivered one of the most famous addresses in American history in 1963
NAACP field secretary who was murdered by a white racist in 1963
became the leader of the Nation of Islam in the early 1930s
Elijah Muhammad
What does the name Ho Chi Minh mean?
"he who enlightens"
Which country was Ho Chi Minh the leader of?
North Vietnam
known as the League for independence of Vietnam
key foreign policy adviser of Nixon
commander of US forces in Vietnam
What is escalation?
increasing troops and bombing
Roman Catholic who became president of South Vietnam
Ngo Dinh Diem
mayor of Chicago in 1968
a longtime North Vietnamese revolutionary who met secretly with a US official in Paris in 1970
Le Duc Tho
US secretary of Defense
Robert S. McNamara
members of the national liberation front

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