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AP US history- chapter 1


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methods of defeating native tribes
guns and playing native people off one another
Military and economic strategic location
New Orleans' main purpose
to establish and defend a mercantilist policy
Spain's goal as a monarchy
The Treaty of Tordesillas
divided the world between Spain and Portugal
A factor in stimulating explorations in the New World
rise of nation-states in Europe
precious metals
Spain's reason to explore North and South America
improvements to economic wealth and to seek political and/or religious autonomy
reasons to leave England for the New World
New Netherland and New Amsterdam
locations of the Dutch's two colonies
Hudson River Valley
France's first colonized area
Parts of Canada and the Ohio River Valley
Dutch's first colonized area
first colony to write a constitution
Spain and Portugal
colonized the Western Hemisphere (first)
agricultural crops that Native Americans introduced
corn, potatoes, and tobacco
Treaty of Tordesillas drafted
St. Augustine, FL; Southwest America; California
Spain's first colonies
Massachusetts Bay Colony established
Britain's land control in North America
All of Canada and everything east of the Mississippi River
Protestant reformers persecuted for breaking away from the Catholic Church
Jamestown established

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