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person who sided with the British in the Revolution
Ferdinand Megellan
began first trip to circumnavigate the globe
to approve
mistreatment of people because of their beliefs
Columbian Exchange
exchange of crops, goods, diseases, and ideas between Americas and Europe
Spanish who defeated Indian groups in South America
Treaty of Paris 1783
formally ended the Revolutionary War - you better know the terms of it
Valley Forge
place where Washington's troops survived a harsh winter and got training they needed
legal document giving certain rights to a person or company
to carry out
Thomas Jefferson
author of the Declaration of Independence
Public School
schools for all who reside in a given area
Great Compromise
a compromise between New Jersey and Virginia Plans
an army of citizens ready to fight in an emergency
movement in Europe which encouraged the use of reason
religious group who settled Pennsylvania - very tolerant and nonviolent
Declaration of Independence
formal declaration from the colonies that they are free from Britain
Northwest Ordinance
set up rules for governing the Northwest Territory
belief that one race is superior to another
First Continental Congress
group that assembled to deal with the growing conflict with England
Committee of Correspondence
group that wrote material about the events in Massachusettes
holy day of rest
a settlement in a foreign land controlled by a home country
a movement to stop buying goods from a country or company
a nation that works with another for a common purpose
person paid to fight in a conflict
Indentured Servant
person who gives up their freedom in return for passage to America
Proprietary Colony
a colony given by the king in return for yearly payment
Boston Tea Party
patriots dressed as Indians dumped British tea in Boston Harbor
someone who tries to spread religion to another group of people
Writ of Assistance
allowed British to inspect colonial cargo without reason
Articles of Confederation
first attempt at establishing a new government in America
first attempt at a colony in America - known as the lost colony - mysterious
Proclamation of 1763
insured the colonies would not expand over the Appalachian Mountains
Slave Codes
laws which were designed to keep slaves down
Francis Marion
the swamp fox - good military leader
Royal Colony
a colony under direct control of the king
Treaty of Paris 1763
ended the French and Indian War- France backed off
law making body in England
Intolerable Acts
set of harsh laws put in place after the Boston Tea Party
Representative Government
government where people choose leaders to represent them in government
militia ready to fight at a moments notice
Established Church
chosen religion of a state
Virginia Plan
plan of government which favored the larger states over the smaller
Executive Branch
branch of government which carries out the laws - let by president
Bill of Rights
rights guaranteed to the people
saying or printing something negative or damaging to another
French and Indian War
war between England and France over land in the colonies
Common Sense
pamphlet written by Thomas Paine - influenced people's thoughts on independenct
Christopher Columbus
began legacy of trade and influence between Americas and Europe
formal written request signed by a group of people
King George III
king of England during the Revolutionary War
Magna Carta
document which limited the power of the King of England
a time of economic difficulty and low wages
upper class in colonial society
Mason-Dixon Line
imaginary line that separates the North and South
Three-Fifths Compromise
deal reached on how slaves would be counted towards total population
Tea Act
placed a tax on tea and cut colonial merchants out of the tea trade
Religious Tolerance
allowing all religions to practice freely
English settlers who sought religious freedom in the Americas
Stamp Act
put tax on legal documents, playing cards, dice
George Washington
leader of the Continental Army and president of the Constitutional Convention
Battle of Saratoga
turning point for the colonies in the Revolution
theory that a nation's strength came from keeping strict control over trade
Legislative Branch
branch of government which makes the laws - led by Congress
Judicial Branch
branch of government which interprets the laws - led by the Supreme Court
Olive Branch Petition
final attempt at peace between England and the colonies
Protestant Reformation
movement to reform the Catholic Church
James Madison
father of the constitution
Townshend Acts
taxed glass, paper, lead and tea
one who owes money
first permanent colony in America - took lots of work and supplies to make a success
a religious settlement
group of English Protestants who settled the Massachusettes Bay Colony
closing off a port from goods coming or going
Battle of Yorktown
brought about the end of the Revolutionary War
one who fights against their own country
Great Awakening
religious movement in which in the English colonies - encouraged independent thought
Navigation Acts
series of laws which put restrictions on trade with the colonies
Boston Massacre
run in between angry mob and colonial citizens ended in dead colonists
cutting off all supplies from coming or going from a city or area
Battles of Lexington and Concord
first small battles of the revolution
hit and run military tactics
Northwest Passage
supposed shortcut to Asia through North America
act or example which sets an example for others
Constitutional Convention
group that got together to write the new constitution
written plan of government
New Jersey Plan
plan of government which favored the smaller states
John Smith
leader of the settlement of Jamestown
Mayflower Compact
an agreement for the ruling of the Plymouth Colony
printed money
Cash Crop
a crop raised to sell for profit
agreement between nations to protect one another
Benedict Arnold
traitor who turned against the colonists
person who supported the colonies in the American Revolution
Triangular Trade
trade between Europe, America, and West Indies

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