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AP Gov. Page 16


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Divisions of the world in which each state claims sovereignty over defined territory and jurisdiction over everyone within it. These states interact using diplomacy, formal agreements and sanctions that may be peaceful or may involve the use of force.
Liberal Democracy
Government that recognizes that the individual has rights that exist independently of government and which ought to be protected by and against government.
Majority Rule
Decision by more than half of those participating in the decision-making process.
Limited Government
A legal structure where officials in authority do not have enormous power. The Constitution of the United States limits government through methods of checks and balances.
Minority Rights
Opportunities that a member is entitled to have, or to receive from others within the limits of the law, even though he/she may not be part of the controlling group.
Organization of American States, an international governmental organization formed by the states of North and South America for security and the protection of mutual interests.
Non-Governmental Organization
A group in a free society that is not a part of any government institution and does not derive its power from government.
A feeling of pride in and respect for one's country.
Freedom from restraint under conditions essential to the equal enjoyment of the same by others.
A government which a small group exercises control. These systems are usually based on wealth and military of social position.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international transatlantic partnership consisting of various European states, the United States and Canada, which was designed through cooperation, consultation and collective defense to maintain peace and promote stability throughout Europe.

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