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Unit 1 identification

ALL of the unit one from Mr. Craig. If your head starts to hurt around #31, don't be alarmed. It happens to the best of us...


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virginia company
founds virginia, massachusetts and others
act of toleration
(1649) Rhode Island's act; accepted all types of people, except jews, to worship as they pleased
coercive/intolerable acts
(1774) boston harbor is closed until all dumped tea is paid for; reinforced quartering acts
samuel adams
failed beer maker; one of the main leaders of the sons of liberty; FORMS COMMITTEE OF CORRESPONDENCE
french & indian war
(1754-63) 7 yrs war in europe; basically a land struggle btwn england and france; english come out on top and gain much of france's land; MAKES BRITAIN A NAVAL POWER AND COLONISTS START TO SEE THE DIFF. BTWN THEM AND BRITISH
George whitefield
one of the preachers of the great awakening; known for his talented voice inflection, known to bring many a person to their knees
mayflower compact
this the agreement for the puritans to have a consensual govt and is the harbinger before the declaration of ind.
james oglethorpe
one of the founders of georgia
battle of saratoga
am. revolution turning point in which brings french aid and soon spanish and dutch help
william bradford
governor of plymouth over 30 times who feared exposure of his little experiment to the outside world
mostly consisting of lower class colonists and the younger generation; sought to free america from the grips of england; about 40% of population
navigation acts
colonists may only put their stuff on english ships; dutch loses $, colonies lose $, english gain (greedy buggers...)
committees of correspondence
1772 founded by samuel adams to discuss problems with britain about tea
columbian exchange
involuntary exchange of items such as: gold and syphilis to the old world, and horses and small pox to the new
townshend acts
tax on paper, glass... (1767)
Francisco Pizarro
explorer from spain; went to peru in 1532 and put HUGE amounts of gold into Spain's vaults; starts gold craze
Boston Massacre
1770 Mob of townspeople aggravate british soldiers and end up shot
triangular trade
VOLUNTARY TRADE between africa, europe and the americas. To europe: rum, molasses, sugar, tobacco, corn; To africa: whiskey, guns, corn, silk; To americas: slaves
first battle of AR? causes confusion amongst the colonists
mostly consisting of aristocrats, leaders of the anglican church, older generation; sought to keep america in grips of england; about 16% of overall population
quartering act
colonists must provide food and housing for british soldiers stationed in the colonies (1765)
treaty of tordesillas
gave the portuguese everything east of south america, save brazil and spain everything to the west. spain becomes a power and portuguese got the shorter end of the stick, it seems
Anne hutchinson
flees to RI after is thrown out for adverse ideas in religion about personalizing contact with god
peace of paris
(1763) britain receives: all french land in us, spain receives: florida, louisiana, and all french land w. of mississippi river
christopher columbus
"discovered" the new world in 1492; starts the ecomienda system in the west indies
age of rational thinking that hit mainly europe where tradition and superstition was replaced by rationalism and tolerance; Locke, Newton, Franklin, Jefferson, Voltaire...etc.
great puritan migration
plymouth starts this; puritans who feel trapped in england start to trickle into M.A. area and create colonies
1500s these men from spain came over and conquered the new world and intermarried, making the south american countries what they are today
proclamation of 1763
no colonist can settle past appalacian mtns; indian territory; pissed some colonists off b/c felt that their freedom was being threatened.
John Dickinson
suggests the olive branch petition
treaty of paris
FEBRUARY 3, 1783; am. delegate John Jay signs a secret treaty w/britain; included independence of u.s., end of loyalist persecution, and all debt repaid to england
benjamin franklin
one of the 3 diplomats that went to make the treaty of paris of 1783
john rolfe
marries pocahontas; a scientist that creates "smokable" tobacco, which becomes a hit in europe
new england confederation
exclusive puritan club of MA bay colony, Plymouth, connecticut; shaky start of colonial unity
protestant reformation
when henry VIII breaks off from the catholic church and started his own anglican church of england. gave king power of religion.
Lord Baltimore
founds maryland for the catholics
battle of yorktown
final battle of AR. Cornwallis gets trapped and surrenders to washington (1781)
quebec act
(1774) French guarenteed their catholic religion and allowed to retain many of their old customs and institutions; boundaries also extended; this pissed the colonists OFF
declaratory act
every rule and law that parliament creates cannot be challenged by the colonists (1766)
Junipero Sera
from mexico; went to california and founded 21 missions there
john winthrope
found MA bay colony; "we shall be as a city upon a hill"; becomes the biggest puritan colony
Sir edmund andros
during rule of James II imposed iron fist on colonies and enforced navigation laws harshly
glorious revolution
dethroning of James II for willam of orange and mary
declaration of causes and taking up arms
another one of dickinson's work; said that if england would not reconcile, the americans would be forced to take up arms.
First contenental congress
IMPORTANT STEP TOWARD COLONIAL INDEPENDENCE; met in philadelphia; boycott british goods
bacon's rebellion
caused by disgruntled, hotblooded indentured servants who were angry of the easy handling of indians and their loss of the land that they had been promised. Ends in a large revolt where the governor is ran out
governor of virginia at the time of bacon's rebellion and is ran out of town, only to come back later and crush the rebellion
forced system of tribute; created by chris columbus
stamp act
tax on official papers (newspapers, marriage licenses, diplomas) (1765)
fundamental orders of connecticut
features of this document borrowed when the constitution of connecticut was created later
2nd contenintal congress
May 10, 1775; decision 4 war w/british and assign Washington
joint-stock company
invested in new colonies and got monetary reward for every success story
poor richards almanac
best sold newpaper in new england; created by benjamin franklin on opinions and wartime things
more export than import in the colonies, caused the colonies to be dependent on mother england
tea act
tax on tea; made the east india company the only tea company allowed to colonists; reason for Tea Party (1773)
declaration of rights and greivancees
created at the first continental congress to adress britain
pontiac's rebellion
detroit area; pontiac and peops start a revolt but are defeated with harsh biological warfare; begins distrust for indians
or patriots, the were against the british rule in america; mostly in england
thomas paine
author of Common Sense, and "pamphlet" made to state the reasons for war and insult the british
great awakening
1700's, when puritanism is dying out, the first american fad wipes through the colonies, spreading a wave of spiritual frenzy in the colonies
sought to break off from the english church b/c they were sick of waiting for reform; went to the new world and set up shop; are the reason for many of our beliefs today.
headright system
system in which for every indentured contract that one bought, they received 50 acres of land; frustrates indentured servants
william penn
founds pennsylvania; only visits 3 times
Middle passage
slaves trip from africa to the west indies; a nightmare for the "cargo"
amerigo vespucci
named america after himself and created the first maps of the new world
olive branch petition
July 5, 1775 John Dickinson suggests an idea to reconcile w/britain. 'our cause is just, our union is perfect'.
roger williams
after being kicked out of massachusetts, settles in RI and makes a state there for ex-cons, persecuted peoples
salutary neglect
when navigation laws were only weakly enforced and new monarchs relaxed their grip on colonial trade
sugar act
tax on sugar, coffee, wine and other colonial imports (1764)
john peter zenger
is arrested for 'libel' of gov. cosby but is set free; harbinger for freedom of speech in the colonies
hernando cortes
defeated the aztec nation, and brought back heaploads of gold to spain, and introduces several crops and animals
Jonathan edwards
one of the preachers of the great awakening; known for his awesome imagery
indentured servants
those who had no money to pay for the voyage would sell their services to others for some years in order to gain a ticket to america
found pennsylvania; puritans known for their emotional shows in church services; despised by other puritans and tormented; kindest of all the puritan groups
king philip's war
"King Philip" and his indians attack various puritan establishments as the puritans start to expand west; destroy many of these establishments completely before they are finally stopped
Thomas Hooker
founds connecticut with his group of puritans
john locke
then man in which jefferson borrowed heavily from for the declaration of independence
sons and daughters of liberty
daughters: spinning bees to make own clothing; sons: boston tea party, beat up tax collectors, cause riots
albany plan of union
ben franklin's idea 4 the colonies to unite and make its own mini government; harbinger for democratic thought (1754)
first inhabitants of s.america; defeated by the spanish
VA house of burgesses
first glimpse of representative government in the colonies
made seafare a lot more pleasant and a lot less difficult; accounted for the sudden interest in sea travel
john smith
important leader of jamestown who coined the phrase: "He who shall not work shall not eat". friends (NOT LOVERS) with Pocahontas

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