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History Terms to Identify


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Name the Americas
North,Central,and South America
Appalachian Mountain
westward boundary of
the Procalamation
of 1763
region of hills and forests
Bill of Rights
1st -10 amendments
Chesapeake Region
Virginia and Maryland by
the Atlantic Ocean
Continental Army
led by George Washington/Congress
Free trade
free to trade with any country
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
1st written constitution
in American form of representative self government;Thomas Hooker believed strongly in religious freedom
Guerrilla warfare
hit and run technique,
hiding behind bushes, colonists learned from Native Americans
House of Burgesses
representative government
in Virginia
powerful Native American tribe who were allies with the British in the French
and Indian War
Line of Demarcation
imaginary line down the Atlantic Ocean dividing
the Americas between
Spain and Portugal
Magna Carta
limited the power of the
King of England, limited
the government like in the Constitution; protects
people against cruel and unjust punishment and protects the
rights of people
Mayflower Compact
formal document signed by pilgrims for a self-representative government
nation's power depended
on its wealth, sell more
than you buy
soldiers ready to fight in
a minute's notice
New World
New England
Northern, Southern, and Middle Colonies --13 colonies
Northwest Passage
water route to Asia through North America
British government
supported American independence
left England on a
religious journey and
landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts
Protests wanted to reform the Anglican Church
The Olive Branch Petition
colonists sent a petition to King asking for peace and protect their rights
The ride of Paul Revere
Patriot who rode to
Lexington to warn that
the British troops were
The Battle of Lexington and Concord
1st battles that began the Revolutionary War, shot heard round the world
Bunker Hill
British won but suffered
many losses so it was going to be a long difficult war
Sneak attack led by
George Washington on Christmas night across
the Delaware River
France joins to help
the Americans in the war; turning point
Last battle of the Revolutionaty War; Americans won and the British surrendered.
The Enlightenment
spread the idea that knowledge, reason, and science could improve society
The Declaration of Independence
July 4, 1776
American colonists
declared independence
from Britain and became
the United States of
America; it's own nation.

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