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History finals

All of the questions on the History final except the essays


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Thomas Jefferson
Who was Washington's Secretary of state
What was the first permanent English settlement in America
it took place after the war
What was unusual about the battle of New Orleans
John Cabot
Who was the first to claim North America for England
Martin Luther
Who began the Protestant reformation
Susan Constant, Godspeed, Discovery
what 3 ships traveled to Jamestown
a law to protect Maryland from attempts to make it protestant
What was the act of toleration
John Marshall
Who was the Cheif justice of the supreme court during Marbury vs. Madison
Whitfeild, Westly, Edwards
Who were the 3 ministers mainly responsible for the Great Awekening
Thomas Payne
who wrote Common Sense
John Paul Jones
Who said, "I have not yet begun to fight"
Judicial review
What power did the supreme court gain as a result of Marbury vs. Madison
Common store system
What system ended in Jamestown by John Smith in 1608
Jefferson and Madison
Who were the leading republicans in the 1790's
What cash crop was grown in Georgia and South Carolina
Lewis and Clark
Explored the northern part of the Louisianna territory
Northwest passage
What was the name of the mythical water route through North America to Asia that European countries were looking for
John Adams
Who was George Washington's vice president
Adams and Hamilton
who were the two leading federalists in the 1790's
haven for debtors, buffer colony, to grow silk
For what 3 reasons was Georgia founded
a tax on all printed materials
What was the stamp act
What cash crop was grown in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina
Who was Washington's attorney general
James Oglethorpe
Who founded Georgia
What battle was the turning point in the Resolution
Benjamin Banneker
Who finished construction after L'Enfant was fired
to set up laws for Plymouth colony
What was the purpose of the Mayflower compact
St. Augustine
What is the oldest European city in the U.S.
The Great Awekening
What religious revival took place in America in the 1730's and the 1740's
John Jay, James Madison, Hamilton, Washington and Franklin
Name 5 prominant federalists
San Salvador
What name did Colombus give the island where he landed on October 12, 1492
John Jay
Who was the first cheif justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
the first elected representative assembly
What was the house of Burgesses
What colony had a unicameral legislature
Ferdinand Magellan
Whose crew was first to circumnavigate the earth
Francisco Pizzarro
Who conquered the Inca Empire
George Washington
Who was president of the Constitutional Convention
Vasco De Gama
Who was the first European to reach the Pacific
German mercinaries
Who were Hessians
Toussant Levourture
Who led a slave result on the island of Santo Domingo
Johanne Gutenburg
Who invented the printing press
all of the States had to approve it
What had to happen for the articles of the Confederation to take effect
the first child born in America
Who was Virginia Dare
Zebulon Pike
Who explored the southern part of the Louisianna territory
Ferdinand and Isabella
Who sponsored Colombus' first voyage to the New World
Squanto and Samoset
What 2 Indians helped the pilgrims after their first winter
What battle ended the Revolution
Paul Revere
Who made a propagandistic engraving of the Boston Massacre
two different parties were in office
How was the election of 1796 unusual
Few, Baldwin
What two men from Georgia signed the Constitution
Leif Ericson
What viking explorer discovered North America in A.D. 1000
halted westward expansion past the apalachians
What was the proclamation of 1763
Ponce De Leon
Who was the first spaniard to land in Mainland North America
What was the first state to ratify the Constitution
Treaty of Tordesillas
What agreement gave Spain the right to colonize most of North and South America
Pierre L' Enfant
Who designed the plans for Washington, D.C.
Benedict Arnold
What American general conspired to sell the plans to the fort at West Point, New York
Bunker Hill
What was the first major battle of the revolution
William Penn
Who founded Pennsylvania
Marco Polo
who wrote travels
Breed's hill
where was the Battle of Bunker Hill actually fought
James Madison
Who is known as the father of the Constitution
15 million
How much did the U.S. pay for Louisianna
What does the word Pacific mean
James Otis
Who said "Taxation without representation is tyranny"?
Bartholomue Diaz
Who was the first to reach the Southern tip of Africa
Who was Washington's secretary of War
what term means to sail around the world
a tax on paper, glass, tea and lead
What were the Townsend Acts
Who was Washington's Secretary of the Treasury
9 out of the 13 states had to ratify it
What had to happen for the Constitution to take effect
Prince Henry
What portuguese explorer was known as the navigator because he started a school to teach exploration
What does Renaissance mean
Who was the Aztec emporer
colonists were forced to house soldiers
What was the Quartering Act
The governer of New Netherlands
Who was Peter Stuyvesant
French, because they didn't try to take their land
Which side were most Indians on, why?
What General surrendered at Yorktown
Who conquered the Aztec empire
Treaty of Ghent
What treaty ended the war of 1812
What was the first Catholic Colony
Andrew Jackson
Who was the American commander at the battle of New Orleans
Thomas Jefferson
Who wrote the declaration of Independance
What country originally founded the colony that became New York
Old Ironsides
What was the nickname given to the USS Constitution

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