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Godfrey Chapter 13

extensive review of godfreys outline


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what did jackson do about the proposal of clay? (to restore the bank)
he deemed his bill unconstitutional and acted like the executive branch was superior to judicial. it amplified the power of the presidency.
Did jackson believe in a strong executive? did he defy the supreme court repeadly?
what s the bloody bill and what year was it issued?
1833, and it was known as the force bill. it was passed by congress. it authorized the president to use the army and navy if necessary to collect federal tariff duties.
did jackson harm the US economy by killing the bank? what happened?
the death of the bUS left a financial vacuum and it kicked of the cycle of boom and bust. without a central bank the wildcat banks were leaderless.
what was the independent treasury bill that was passed after the divorce bill?
it was passed in 1840. it was repealed the next year by the whigs, the scheme was reenacted by the democrats with the federal reserve system in the next century, (it killed then reenacted)
what did the nullies accomplish by meeting in columbia? (this is when the nullies and unionist clashed heads in 1832)
they declared the existing tariff to be null and void, (tariff of abominations)
In 1824, the end of the so called ____ of ____ _____ was ending
Era of Good Feeling
was the bank of the US a privet institution or nationaL?
What are some of jackson's beliefs?
he believed in a small federal govt (strict constitution) and anti-big federal economic role (anti-clay) and he was friendly towards states democracy and he was a staunch unionist
who won the election of 1840 by how many electoal votes?
harrison and he won 234 to 60
Who ran in the presidential election of 1824?
Jackson, Adams, Crawford, and Clay
what did the indian removal act do?
it provided the transplanting of indians to reside EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI. it uprooted about 100,000 indians. they traveled through the trail of tears.
texas was willing to join the union, but what happened?
the north were opposing annexation because of the slavery issue, and they thought that it would bring in another slave state.
Name a couple of Adams's view.
He had strong nationalistic views.He attempted to deal fairly with the indians(cherokee in GA) He tries to curb western land speculation.
why did the west hate the BUS?
IT forclosed many western farms and drained tribute on eastern coffers.
what was clay's american system and who was it supported by
support: whigs. it was southern states' rights righters offended by jackson's stand on nullification, and larger northern industrialists and merchants and evangelical protestants associated with the anti-masonic party
Congress passed the new tariff of 1832--how low did it go?
what were the differences between the whigs and democrats?
the democrats believed in the 1) liberty of the individual , fiercely on guard against privelage, clung to states rights, federal restraint in social and economic affairs. 2) the whigs believed in the harmony of society and the value of community, and the willingness to use govt to meet goals, favored national bank and protective tariffs, public school, internal improvements, over time: moral reforms such as prohibition and abolition of slavery
what fraction of officeholders were sacked by spoils system?
Talk about Old hickory as president(qualities)
he was lean passionate and irritable and he was a self-made man from TN(lawyer and judge and congressman) and he was a general
what is a specie circle?
a decree that required all public lands to be purchased with hard or metalic money. it slammed the brakes on the speculative boom and neck snapping change of the direction that contributed to the financial panic and crash of 1837., his successor would have to deal with all that damage.
there were many "big woes" for the "little magician" -van buren.... he had terrible luck during his term. describe some of the difficulties.
there was a rebellion in canada in 1837, and there was a threatened war with britain and anti-slavery folks mad at texas as a prospective state.
who was the third party in the election of 1832?(clay vs jackson)
the anti-masonic party and they opposed the influence of the masonic order. they appealed to long standing americans suspicious of secret societies which they condemned as citadels of privelage and monoply --a note that harmonized with the democratic chorus of jackson
What was the name of the tariff of 1828 also called?
the tariff of abominations
who were the nullies?
jacksons first term --the nullies-- tried to muster the necessary 2/3 the vote for nullification in the south carolina legislature
Revolution of 1828--Who won the election and what was the electoral vote?
jackson won and 178 to 82
True or false? Jackson wanted to raise the tariff of 1828 to an even higher 45%?
true, he put a tariff on wool
who won the election of 1836?
van buren "little magician" -fire class second rate man, wizard of albany, inherited jackson's mantel but not popularity
what was the spoils system?
rewarding political supporters with public office
were many texans salve holders?
who wrote the SC exposition?
john c calhoun
what was the census for 1830?
13 million people (3 times the 1790 pop)
what tribes consisted of the "five civilized tribes"?
creeks, cherokee, chicksaws, choctaws, and creeks ( all C's)
who was the hero of the hour (the person that was hailed in charleston and columbia during 1833 and he caused SC to adjourn and forget their nullification of the tariff, and they nullified the force bill and there was peace)
henry clay
In the presidential election of 1824, the four candidates claimed to be what party?
Who was Adams's VP?c
Clay, because they made a bargain and Clay threw his support to Adams.
what was harrison known as? nickname? and his running mate?
tippecanoe and tyler too; log cabin hard cider. "poor man"
who were the nullies blocked by?
the unionists
What percentage of the popular vote id adams get?
the whigs were in opposition to who
andrew jackson
what was nicholas's nickname and the bank's nickname?
czar nicholas 1, and hydra of corruptions
Why were the Jacksonians mad that adams won?
because he had an alliance with clay, and they said it was "a corrupt bargain"
When did texas declared indep. and what was their flag?
1836, lone star flag
true or false: jackson sweeps through the north and east. he also causes a surge of voters in PA and NY
FALSE; he swept through S + W , NOT north and east. he did get PA and NY
who were the two competitors of the election of 1832?
clay and jackson
In 1824, was there more or less political activism?
Yes, there was.
what did jackson believe about the indians (what was a solution for preserving their culture so that the whites could have their settlement, yet they can keep theirs)
jackson evidently consoled himself with the belief that the indians could preserve their native cultures in the wide open west.
Was sc pleased about the new and "improved"tariff of 1832?
what was "biddle's panic"?
a desperate biddle called in his bank loans and hoped to illustrate the banks importance by producing a minor financial crisis
how did jackson kill the bank of the us?
he removed federal deposits for BUS vaults, and the deposits fed. funds into state banks="pet banks"
Who was the first president nominated by the convention of 1832?
true o FALSE: jackson kills the bank
Who won the election of 1824?
who were the leaders of the whig party?(2)
clay and webster
What was the vesely revolt?
it was a revolt led by a free black in 1822-SC they south was mad that they might interfere with salvery
did the whigs outsmart the democrats in the election of 1840 (log cabin and hard cider)
After the legislature published the pamphlet, was jackson sympathetic for SC?
um, no.
true or false:jackson was betting that new england would rebuke the tariff of 1828 to make adams looks bad but the new enganders spoiled the plan
Who was dubbed the yankee misfit of the whitehouse?
true or false: jackson hated all banks and all businesses, and he liked monopolistic banking and overbig business
false, he didnt hate all banks and businesses he disliked the monopolistic and overbig businesses
In the election of 1824, the House of Rep. had to knock out one of the four candidates. Who did they knock out? (He was also speak of the house)
Henry Clay
What new party emerged in 1828?
true or false; whigs thought of themselves as conservatives yet they were progressive in their support of active govt programs and reforms. they liked internal improvements
Who was the first President from the west?
Old hickory; jackson; he had no college edu.
what did the nullies threat to do (in columbia) that made andrew jackson so mad?
they threatened to take SC out of the union
true or false: protectionism did NOT protect yankee and middle state manafacturers?
FALSE; it did protect them
what was the divorce bill? and who was it issued by?
issued by van buren during the panic of 1837---he "divorced the government" from banking altogether. the govt could lock its surplus money into vaults of larger cities. his fellow democrats only supported it lukewarmly . whigs hated it because it squelched their hope of a revived bank
what was the cause of the bank war of 1832?
webster and clay presented congress a bill to renew the bank of the US
who is o"old 300?"
stephan f austin
Mudslinging was a big issue in the election, Jackson's what was attacked?
Mother, wife, and the adultry issue(crushed rachel)...attacked him for gambling and salary
what are texicans?
mexicans and texas people combo
Henry _____ of kentucky didn't want jackson crushing the carolinas, so he threw his influence behind the tariff of ____ and it lowered it to about ___ percent over the period of 8 years
clay, 1832, 10%
why did the southerners hate the tarrif of 1828?
because the "yankee " tariff discriminated against them because the NE was experiencing a boom in manafacturing and west was expanding but the south was falling on hard times
What opposing party was raising in the 1830s?
the indians resisted on the US govt for enacting the indian removal act, so the sauk and fox tribes saught war and so did the seminoles in FL. what were these wars called?
black hawk war (1832) and the bitter guerilla wars broke out from seminoles in 1835-42
in 1830, what act did congress pass against the indians in order to support jackson's ideas?
the indian removal act.
The election of 1828 caused the power to shift from east to west; true or false?
what does jackson threat to do to the nullies(extreme)
hang them. ..and invade the state
did jackson like the "moneyed monster" known as the bank of the united states?
He shared the prejudice of the west against the bank
mexica gets strict in 1830, and the slaved brought in by other people were then emancipated and they tried to seal their borders. they also jailed austin in 1833. true story? yes or no
what was wrong with BUS(the problem)
the national govt minted gold and silver coins in the mid 19 century but didnt issue paper money
the whigs vs democrats grew out of ____ _____?
jeffersonian republicanism
true or false: did the bank charter expire in 1836 and did the bank "die"?
Who won the election of 1824?
jackson, and he got majority of electoral, but not the popular vote
who was the 8th president?
van buren
What was the slogan for Jackson in 1828?
huzzah for jackson, and he was also deemed the nickname of Old hickory
what year did the mexicans win their indep. in texas?
who was preisdent of BUS
What did the SC exposition extend?(which resoultions)
VA and Kentucky.
Houston fought who? where did he lure this person?
santa ana and he went to san jacinto
what was clay's scheme to make jackson look bad by issuing the bill that would update the BUS?
He wanted jackson to look bad because if jackson signed the bill, then he would alienate his western followers, and if he vetoed it, he would loose the presidency in the election by alienating the wealthy and influential groups in the east.
what are some ways they tried to assimilate the indians?
they had civilizing campaigns, and they tried to propogate the gospel.
what caused the panic of 1837?
gamblers in western lands were doing a land office business on borrowed capital, and in much of it was the shaky currency of "wildcat banks" the speculative craze spread to canals , roads, railroads, and slaves. also, the wheat crop failed. british banks failed (foreign loans)
Surprise! Role reversal: was webster a supporter or was calhoun a supporter of the tariff?
webster was supporter of a tariff
in the election of 1836, who was jacksons hand picked sucessor
van buren
how much did the tariff of abominations increase? from what percent?
23 to 37 percent
how many indians lived east of the mississippi river
how many times did jackson veto congress?
jackson wins the election of 1832. what was the electoral vote outcome?
219 to 49
What are so examples of boisterous politics that took place?
banners, badges, parades, BBQs, baby kissing drinks(free), "get out the vote"
who did the whigs choose in the election of 1836
true or false: the georgia legislature declared the cherokee tribal council illegal and asserted its own jurisdiction over inidna affairs and indian lands
what are some advantage that clay has over jackson in the election of 1832?
he was a national republican and he enjoyed advantages. ample funds flowed into their campaign (50000 from the bank) and the newspaper wrote bad of jackson
What was the rise of voter turnout in 1824?
1824- twenty five percent and 1840 there was 78%
true or false: the jacksonians were generally opposed to all govt meddling in social and economic life
The SC exposition was secretely written by who?

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