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13 Colonies Quiz

i filled in all the blanks for u guysis :P


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Founded in 1732 by James Edward Oglethorpe b/c wanted to help debtors, all religions came, money making: Rice, indigo, cotton, silk, timber, other necessities, capital= savannah, became royal colony in 1752 and officals were voted for by people and you could run for official position, elected offocials= trusties?
Founded by Peter Iminuate in 1638 b/c got land charter from king, all religions welcome, Min sources of money: farming, tobacco, gardens(by women), livestock, gov't Eng. laws and ideas used and good relations with the Indians
Founded by William Penn in 1640 b/c king Charles was friends with William Penn's father and granted him leadership over the land, for quakers but other religions welcome, money making: timber, crafts, inventions= warm barn + rifle, never helped in wars and they were completely against any form of violence.
Rhode Island
Founded in 1644 by Rodger Williams, he received a charter from England, it was founded for people who wanted religious freedom. The economy consisted of slavery, trading with the Indains and farming.
Founded by Christopher Newport in 1607 for gold and more space for living and farming, Anglican church= colonies church and main source of belief, main selling products: tobacco, House of Burgesses was a form of self government then became royal colony
Founded in dec. 1620 by Fernando Gorges for freedom of religion and it was a gift from King Charles the 2nd, puritan church beliefs, main money source: fishing, timber,trading with the Dutch, farming and ironworks. Dominion for New England was government and when became a royal colony its first royal governor was WIlliam Phips
South Carolina
Founded by Robert Heath and the 8 Proprietors b/c the King owed them money but instead he gave them their own land, any religions welcome, was the home of the first Jewish settlement. money makers: indigo, rice, cotton, tobacco (b/c good soil food was good), tar pitch, terpentine and indigo, capital= Charleston, when constitution was made it gave no rights for people so disbanded it, assembly ruled by people old enough, in 1671 it became a royal colony.
Founding was thought of and planned by Sir George Calvert + Cecilius Calvert but Leonard Calvert founded in 1634. It was founded as a refuge for English Catholics and protestants (any christians), money making: tobacco and slavery, represenitive government as the Maryland Assembly.
Founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker (lol :P), it was founded because of previous religious disagreements and they wanted religious freedom. Mainly Puritan and the Congregational Church. They focused mainly on farming, clock making, ship building, silver smiths and black smiths. The Governer was name John Winthrop.
New Hampshire
Founded in 1639 by John Mason, it was a gift from King Charles the 2nd, was mainly Protestant. John Mason was New Hampshire's "governor."
North Carolina
Founded by robert heath on april 3, 1663 to claim land, every religion welcome for a greater population, money making: indigo, rice, tobacco, pork, beef, timber, shingles, barrels, govoner picked officials and only land-owning white men over 18 and were in the malitia could vote
New York
Founded in 1609 by Henry Hudson, was claimed by the Dutch and was first called New York after the Duke of York. All religions were welcomed. The fur trade was very important and so was tobacco and farming. The Dutch were in control of New York and there was also the Dutch West Ind. Trading Company.
New Jersey
Founded by Peter Styvesant in 1664 (Dutch), all religions were welcome, main source of money: furs(beaver, bear, fox, etc.) that could be made into things (hats, blankets, coats), whaling was also very important because the oil was used for heating and lamp oil and the first iron forge was in 1674. became royal colony when king bought it, they also voted to collect taxes.

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