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A Beka History 10-18.3


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Who was George III?
George II's successor who came to the throne during the French and Indian War.
Who was William Pitt the Elder?
A British Statesman who became prime minister of England and turned the tide of the war.
What was the French and Indian War?
A war that broke out as the British fought the French and their Indian allies for control of eastern North America.
What was the United States Constitution?
A document that has become a masterpiece of history.
What was the policy of mercantilism?
It held that the real measure of a nation's wealth was the amount of gold or silver it possessed.
Who was George Washington?
The great hero of the War for Independence and an important leader at the Constitutional Convention; the first president of the United States.
What happened by 1789?
The United States Constitution was ratified.
What was the American War for Independence?
A war that began because the colonists had no choice but to defend there traditional liberties from suppression from foreign mercenaries; it was sometimes called the Revolutionary War.
Who was George I?
The Elector of Hanover who became king of England and started the Hanoverian line of English kings; he couldn't speak English and he rarely involved himself in English political affairs, so the real power in the government fell to the king's chief minister, Sir Robert Walpole.
Who was George II?
The next Hanoverian king who learned English but was even less involved in the English government than his father had been.
Who was Sir Robert Walpole?
The king's chief minister and the first true prime minister of Britain.
What happened on July 4, 1776?
The Declaration of Independence, the most improtant human statement of political principles in the history of the world, was adopted.

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