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history test ch 5 and 6


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Midnight ride
Revere and dawes right to warn about british plan
John Locke
Wrote about natural rights we base our constitution off of him
2nd continental congress
washington elected commander general of troops, first acts of new gov
Townshend Acts
no new york assembly, taxes, $ to british officials writs of assistance
Albany Plan of Union
1st attempt to form colonial gov. (snake)
Sugar act 1764
punishes smugglers, taxes sugar
tea Act of 1773
gives british company control of tea trade
Pontiac's Rebellion
Indians are not getting supplies from british like they did from french
sam adams/ patrick henry were...
sons of liberty
olive Branch Petition of 1775
Patriots send to england asking kind to restore harmonies with colonies, but british hire germans instead
coercive acts/ intolerable acts
boston's ports are closed until tea is paid for, no committee, house troops, british are tried in homeland
boston massacre 1770
crispus attucks and 4 others were shot by redcoats, john adams is asked to defend
1st continental congress 1774
all colonies except georgia vote to ban trade with british and train troops
French and Indian war
War between british and french over control of North America; part of the 7 years war
Ethan Allen
capture fort ticonderoga
Boston Teaparty
342 chests are dumped into harbor
proclamation of 1763
colonists cannot settle west of appalachians
Quartering Act of 1765
house british soldiers
richard henry lee
proposed resolution to dissolve connections with british
Treaty of Paris
British win North America
thomas paine
wrote about common sense convincing colonists to make final break from british
Stamp Act 1765
silver bought stamps must be placed on papers

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