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Chapters 13


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Describe how bad and how Tarrif of 1828 (abominations) came?
it was the worst, Jacksonites proposed a rediculously high tarrif, expecting it to be defeated, hurting Adams' want of tarrifs, but it was shockingly passed
who took the lead against the tarrif of abominations and what did they do??who wrote the document?
south carolina published the Exposition,secretly by calhoun(VP),that said it was unconstitutional and could be NULLIFIED.
Describe the whole "Nullie" situation in S. carolina, the tarrif of 1832, and Jackson's reaction.
the nullies tried to get 2/3 vote to cancel the tarrif, but couldn't. congress passed Tarrif of 1832,which somewhat lowered tarrif, but wasn't enough for SC. the NUllies of the "Palmetto State" finally got 2/3 vote and held a convention in Columbia, whre they declared the tariff null in SC and threatened to CEDE out of the Union if forced to pay.
JACKSON:got army ready,sent naval and military reinforcements,made proclamation agnst nullification(gov of SC made a counterproclamation)
EFFECT: WAR if one side didn't surrender or no compromise
What part did Henry Clay play in the Nullies of SC??
What did Congress also pass at the same time, and what did SC do about it?
was much gained with this compromise?
he made compromise that saved union: the Tarrif of 1832 would be dropped 10% in 8 yrs(same as Tarrif 1816)
congress passed the Force Bill:pres could use army to collect tarrifs,sc declared it nullified and unnecessary.
conflict avoided, not solved
Describe the positive parts of the americans' relations w/ the indians.
missionaries civilized and Christianized them, Congress gave $20,000 for education and farming
Describe how well the Cherokees of GA followed the Americans' lead.
adopted system of settled farming and private property, opened schools, Sequoyah made alphabet, written legal code, written constitution w/ 3 branches,planted cotton, owned slaves
who was in the "Five Civilized Tribes" and what was ironic about this group?
Creeks, Cherokees,Choctaws,Chickasaws,and Seminoles.
ironic:Jackson's removal act was mainly towards them!
Describe Indian Removal Act and name some uprisings and battles
Jackson passed it for all indians to be pushed to the east of the Mississippi to indian territory.
Black Hawk, in IL and WI tried to resist but were killed. Seminoles of FA ran to Everglades and battled for 7 yrs, their leader got killed, and they were doomed.
What was the difference between the Bank of the US and small private banks and why did Jackson hate the BUS?
who was the pres of it?
private:paper $ value changed,gave bankers power over economy. BUS:funds for gov,controlled much of nations gold/silver,it's paper $ didn't change value.
Jackson's Hate:helped only the elite ppl who controlled it, like the Pres. Biddle,it went agnst democracy,foreclosed farms in West,profit no helping ppl, was the priority.
What erupted the Bank War?
Webster and Clay,Jackson's rival for next election, asked Congress for renewal of BUS's charter 4 yrs early to make it an election issue. they thought that ppl in east WANTED the BUS and would then vote agnst Jackson, who they expected was gonna veto the bill.
Jackson's veto of the rechartering proposal of the BUS meant what for the goverment and for the election of 1832?
it gave HUGE power to the president(= to the 2/3 vote in Congress),by saying he personally thought it would harm the nation.
election:the rich, eastern ppl who voted agnst him for vetoing were minority anyway, and the common ppl thought it made sense so they voted for Jackson.
Who was the Anti-Masonic pary of the 1832 election?
opposed the influence and fearsome secrecy of the Masonic order and secret societies,"privelage",and gov messing w/ social and economic life. they were in NY and New England, evangelical Protestant groups. they were for: moral and religious fixing(keeping Sabbath holy),kinda like Jacksonians.
Who ran in the election of 1832? Advantages? Who won?
Clay for the National Republicans- lots of $$(BUS support) Jackson for the Democratic Reps:idol to common ppl (this time, he even got support in New England!) Jackson won big!
What was new in the election of 1832 in the way of politicking and campaigning?
Anti-Masons and National Reps used formal platforms, publicizing their positions of issues
How did Jackson kill the BUS finally? Did he get much support for this? what did the Bus pres, Biddle, do about it?
he removed federal deposits by not putting in money and using the leftover to pay gov expenses. even his closest advisors didn't like the idea,Biddle tried to show the BUS's importance by making a financial crisis by calling in his banks loans.(Biddles Panic)
What were the after effects of the demise of the BUS??
What did Jackson do to handle these effects?
left a financial vacuum,started cycle of ups and downs, funding went to state institutions who supported Jackson,private,"wildcat" banks put out tons of paper $$,he created the Specie Circular:required all public land to be bought w/gold/silver.(this stopped speculation and helped start a financial panic in 1837 that he would leave to Van Buren to deal w/.)
What were the two parties in 1830's? and describe the new Whig party.
Democrats-Jacksonians,agnst large institutions and Whigs-had very diverse parts, hatred of Jackson bound them,support:Clay,Webster,Calhoun,supporters of American System,southern states' righters,nullies,larger northern industrialists and merchants,evangelical Protestants w/ Anti-Masonic party. they wanted active gov. programs and reforms,internal improvements,market economy,planters in S.,merchants and bankers. they appealed to common man.made Democrats look aristocratic.
Who was the Democrat who ran in the 1836 election and how did he end up there? did he win or lose the election?
Martin Van Buren was sorta "forced" into election by Jackson,who rigged the nominating convention. HE WON!
What were the Whig's strategy in the election of 1836? Who was the Whig who ended up in the House for vote? did he win the election?
they picked their "favorite sons" to run,each w/ a different regional appeal,so that no candidate would win majority and they'd go to House, where they might get a chance. William Henry Harrison got in the house, LOST!
Describe the 8th Pres, Martin Van Buren.what were his hardships?
1st Pres born under American flag.experianced,above avrg w/ intelligence,education,and training. hardships:many Democrats didn't really like him,since Jackson sorta forced him into office.he got to take on Jackson's enemies.

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