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The British Isles


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Iberian Peninsula
A large peninsula of southwestern Europe that includes Spain and Portugal.
welfare state
A country in which the gov't takes responsibility for the well-being of all its citizens
constitutional monarchy
a gov't headed by a king or queen, in which the monarch's powers are limited bya constitution that guarentees the people rights.
British Isles
A group of islands of the western coast of Europe, made up of Great Britian, Ireland, and some small islands.
Industrial Revolution
In Western Europe, the gradual changeover from homemade goods to the production of goods by machine in factories. The changeover was so sweeping that it is considered a revolution.
The shrinking, stretching,and changes in shape of places that results when a globe is represented on the flat surface of a map.
cylindrical projection
A type of map projection in which distances measured along the equator are correct, but become more distrorted as they near the poles.
equal-area projection
A type of map projection good for comparing different places on earth because sizes and shapes are shown fairly accurately and distances are nearly correct.
Low Countries
An area in the westcentral part of Western Europe that's made up of the Netherland, Belfium, and Luxembourg.
Jutland Peninsula
A peninsula in the northern part of Western Europe that is located between the North and Baltic Seas.
Rhine River
A river in Western Europe that flows from eastern Switzerland into the North Sea.
Danube River
The second-longest river of Europe. It flows from southern Germany east into the Black Sea.
International Date Line
An imaginary line running approximately alon gthe line of longitude at 180 degrees, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, marking the time boundary between one day and the next.
To place an industry under the control or ownership of the gov't
Tony Blair
Former prime minister of Britian who supported Pres Bush on going to Iraq- his people didn't want this so they "kicked" him out of office.
Balkan Peninsula
A large peninsula in southern Europe bounded by the Black, Aegean, and Adriatic seas.
mixed economy
An economythat has both private and gov't run businesses
Gulf Stream
A special "river" that flows in the Atlantic Ocean. It brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic coast of Europe.
Scandinavian Peninsula
A large peninsula in the northern part of Western Europe.
Northern Ireland
A province of the UK located in the northeastern part of Ireland
A way of showing locations on the earth on a flat map.
Italian Peninsula
A long peninsula in Southern Europe on which Italy is located.
Entirely surronded by land
Gordon Brown
Current prime minister of Britian
A deep narrow inlet of the sea between high cliffs.
Margaret Thatcher
Britians first woman prime minister
Magna Carta
A document signed by King John of Great Britian in 1215 that limited the powers of the monarch.
time zone
One of the 24 areas into which the earth is divided to compensate for the earth's rptation of 15 degrees per hr

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