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Chapter 1: Converging Cultures


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Juan Ponce de Leon
Spanish governor of Puerto Rico, sailed north in search of the Fountian of Youth, and discovered Florida
either conical or dome-shaped houses, made by bent poles covered with hide or bark
Vasco de Balboa
the first European to reach the Pacific coast in 1513
Iroquois League
an alliance between the nations in western New York founded by Dekanawidah and Hiawatha to avoid war between eachother
language group in the Northeastern tribes, lived in today New England near the Delaware River.
sailing shop capable of long-distance exploration and needed little water to sail
language group in the Northeastern tribes, lived near the Hudson River, lived in longhouses, women occupied power
device used to determine direction, latitude and local time. invented by the ancient Greeks, but acquired by the English from the Arabs
Amerigo Vespucci
an Italian sailing for Spain explored the coast of South America and later sailing for Portugal in 1501, determined that the land mass could not be Asia
Treaty of Tordesillas
Portugal and Spain's differences resolved through this, moving the line of demarcation 1000 miles to the west. it confirmed Portugal's right to control the route around Africa to India, and Spain's claim to the mew lands of America
Slash and Burn agriculture
the cutting down of forest, burning the cleared land for nitrogen-rich ashes to make very fertile soil for growing crops
Henry the Navigator
Prince Henry of Portugal set up a center for astronomical and geographical studies in 1419.
a political system in which powerful leaders gave land to nobles in exchange for pledges of loyalty and service
large rectangular houses with barrel-shaped roofs covered with bark, the whole family would live together in one
Ferdinand Magellan
Portuguese mariner working for spain, discovered the strait at the southernmost tip of South America, named the Pacific ocean, made it to the Philippine Islands where he died.
Christopher Columbus
Italian navigator supported by Spain to travel across the Atlantic Ocean in quest to reach the Indies but landed in the Bahamas instead, and settled in Hispaniola
Great Binding Law
a constitution that defined how the Iroquois League worked
Line of Demarcation
north-south line of longitude through the Atlantic Ocean dividing lands in the Americas claimed by Spain and Portugal
a person bound to a manor and can not leave it without permission
Columbian Exchange
series of complex societal and environmental interactions between Europe and the Americas begun with Columbus's first voyage
Manorial System
economic system in which peasants provide services to a feudal lord in exchange for protection
Lateen sails
triangle-shaped sails used by the Arabs to sail against winds

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