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Global 10 Unification


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Camillo di Cavour
part of Italian unification. In 1852, became prime minister to Sardinia, and expanded Sardinia's power through alliances and diplomacy. He united Italy together (he wanted more power for Sardinia), and allied with France to gain more land from Austria
Balance of Power
policy developed in Europe where no single power becomes too strong, and nobody develops as a threat to the rest of Europe. This balance was threatened with the unification of Italy and Germany
Franco Prussian War
Set up by Otto Von Bismarck, war was declared July 19, 1870. In January 1871, Palace of Versailles was captured and Wilhelm I was named Kaiser. This empire was called the Second Reich.
pride in one's country and the desire to rule one's own country
Otto Von Bismarck
part of German unification. Developed a policy of "Blood and Iron". Named as Prime Minister of Prussia in 1862, he declared he would rule without consent of parliament and without a legal budget (this was a direct violation of the constitution). He was ambitious to expand Prussia, and went to war with Austria (7 Weeks War).
Congress of Vienna
meetings at the end of the French Revolution that were used to establish a balance of power and peace in Europe
Guiseppe Garibaldi
part of Italian unification. In 1860 led an army of nationalists to conquer and unite southern Italy. He allowed the King of Sardinia to rule. His group was called the "Red Shirts" because they wore red
Guiseppe Mazzini
part of Italian unification. In 1832 established a young nationalist group. He headed a republican government in Rome for a short time, and believed that nation-states were the best hope for social justice, democracy and peace in Europe. The rebellions failed, and he was sent into exile.
An area of land that Germany and France fought over many times. This area lies on the border of France and German states.
Cultural Diffusion
The act of exchanging ideas and beliefs, this usually occurred when one country was taken over by another country.

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