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1815-1830 Europe


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metternich (conservative)
who was the austrian rep. at the Con. of Vienna?
who did charles X want to restore lost land to?
louis XVIII
who issued the charter?
karl sands
who assassinated a conservative playwrite?
nationalism and liberalism
what two things threatened European stability after the age of Napoleon?
karlsbad decrees
what did the concert of europe make to stop the burchenschaften?
nicholas I
who stopped the Decembrist Revolution?
death of alexander I
what inspired the Decembrists to revolt?
official nationality
what policy did nicholas I create?
british navy
what really stopped intervention of the continent in the latin american rev.s?
german, romantic, nationalistic student unions
wars of napoleon
what made russia conservative?
what principle cause Britan to leave the Concert?
reflections on the revolution in france
what book did burke write?
monroe doctrine
what did the US pass to stop intervention in the latin american rev.s?
who influanced louis XVIII?
what was the principle that replaced lost land in Austria and Prussia?
northern union
a group of liberal aristocrats who formed in russia to discuss constitutionalism
what principle kept france in check and kept an even balance of power?
an absolute monarchy
what was the only thing de maistre thought could create stability?
belgian rev
what was the first rev the concert failed in?
who led the revolutions in latin america?
legitimacy compensation and BOP
what were the three principles of the Congress of Vienna?
corn law
what law helped the british gentry but caused the proletariat to revolt?
charles X
who was the new ultraroyalist king after louis XVIII?
de maistre
very reactionary conservatist philosopher from france
spain and italy
where did the Concert of Europe first quash revolt ?
Organic statute
what did Nicholas I issue after stopping the Polish revolt?
6 acts of parliament
what did the tories pass after the peterloo massacre?
19th c. conservatist philosopher from Britan
Castelreagh (wanted BOP so britan can make money)
who was the british rep. at the Con. of V.?
orthodoxy, autocracy, nationalism
what was the slogan of Official Nationality?
what was the principle that restored legitimate monarchs?
Prince Von Hardenburg (also Frederik William) (wanted to strenghen prussia geographically)
who was the prussian rep. at the Con. of Vienna?
the age of metternich
what age was from 1815 to 1850?
alexander I (wanted more land westward, reward for help in Nap. wars)
who was the russian rep. at the Con. of V.?
Talleyrand (wanted to maintain france's traditional boarders)
who was the french rep. at the Concert(?)?
the charter
what was the new constitution in france?
greek rev
what was the first rev the concert couldn't intervene in?

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