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UNT ENGL 2220 Gilbreath Exam 2


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applying scientific theory and modes of discovery to human affairs
first national black newspaper published (New York)
Freedom's Journal
Lay organization - Members devoted to renewing Catholic spirit and stamping out Protestant (Huguenot) threatFunctions of the Company of the Holy Sacrament
Company (Brotherhood) of the Holy Sacrament
King Minos, Pasiphae, Ariadne and Phaedra, Androgenous, Neptune, Troezen, Athnes, Crete, Theseus, Hippolytus
Keywords in Phaedra Myths
Human nature does not change
Immutability of Natural Law
published weekly abolitionist journal Liberator, organizations, moral suasion, dissolve consitution for supporting slavery, passive resistance
William Lloyd Garrison
extends suffrage to African-Americans (sex is not specified)
15th Amendment
belief that nature is God himself and is present in everything
People reject old authorities, People accept the self as the only valid source of wisdom and truth
Epistemology of Romanticism
Time must be no more than one day
Unity of Time?
first women's rights convention (organized by Stanton and Mott), Declaration of Sentiments
Seneca Falls Convention
"Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave", constitution is adequate, militance might be necessary
Frederick Douglass
the belief that God created all possible forms of being exactly as they should be; the Universe is, therefore, fully populated by beings perfectly suited to their roles -- a perfect creator does not leave gaps or make mistakes (philosophical optimism).
the Platonic principle of plenitude
Truth and rights are universal meaning they are valid in all times and places.
Purpose is to improve Mankind (didacticism), Shape of the art mimics shape of the Universe, Reliance on Classical Morality
Neoclassical Art
seek change by persuading people that slaveholding is morally wrong
moral suasion
"Nature Poet", anti-intellectual, critic of civilization, egalitarian
William Wordsworth
Song of myself was apart of this.
Leaves of Grass
extends suffrage to women
19th Amendment
equality of all humankind (Opposed to class system, gender oppression, private property)
had a tradition of full participation in Society of Friends meetings and also spoke publicly to broad audiences
Quaker women (such as Mott and Anthony)
pantheism, same comforts and moral guidance as Christianity, is benevolent - it wants the best for its creatures
Wordsworth on Nature
free verse, colloquial speech, catalogs
Song of Myself Poetic techniques
Strong Christian influence (appeal to universality), Sensational scenes of brutality, Attack on slavery as an institution, Appeal to sympathy and moral sensitivity of the reader
Slave Narrative Features
It had no church authority.
Why was Company of Sacrament banned?
Belief that the Classical Age (Greece & Rome) represents the height of mankind's achievements (Greek and Roman law, government, and art become models for enlightened politics and art)
David walker wrote this to stir African consciousness - advocates resistance
Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World
heart - not the mind, wise-passiveness, "we murder to dissect", "Come forth, and bring with you a heart", learn by experience, not by reading dead men's words
Wordsworth on anti-intellectualism
a letter in poetic form (To his friend and fellow philosopher, Lord Bolingbroke)
verse epistle
An inclination to perform kind, charitable acts.
Parliament initiates a series of acts to address voting inequities and other needed reforms
First Reform Bill (England)
Faith in human ability to understand the universe since it is rational (Turn away from the unknowable "mysteries" of God toward the Great Chain of Being)
Age of Reason
virtuous behavior is that which is the mean between extremes of possible action
Golden Mean of Virtue
God's rational, ordered arrangement of all things
The Great Chain of Being
Individualism, Anti-Intellectualism, Anti-materialism, Revolution and Reform, Nature
Main Points of Romanticism
pairs of rhymed lines in iambic pentameter
heroic couplet
verse epistle, heroic couplets, didacticism
Devices in Essay on Man
not aggressively chasing after ideas
wise passiveness
Didacticism, satire, Moderation of Passion, GCB (Order), Golden Mean of Virtue, Aristotle's 3 Unities
Tartuffe's Enlightenment concepts
Created by Aristotle - focuses on the importance of habitually behaving virtuously and developing a virtuous character.
Nicomachean Ethics
Art that teaches and delights.
Actor, director, and playwright, A favorite of Louis XIV (scrutinized by church), buried in holy ground by order of the King
Wordsworth's sonnet that says money is corrupting
"The World is Too Much With Us"
The chain is full - nothing can be added or deleted (plenitude), The chain is fixed - no being can move up or down, drop in or drop out (immutable)
characteristics of Great Chain of Being,
Awakening to humanness, awakening of freedom's potential, Plan and Escape, Freedom
Slave Narrative Plot
Douglass' abolitionist newspaper
The North Star
Verse consisting of unrhymed lines, usually of iambic pentameter.
blank verse
grants due process to all (male) citizens (makes African-Americans citizens)
14th Amendment
Place must be local - what can be presented on the stage
Unity of Place?
Action must all lead to one main theme - no subplots or digressions
Unity of Action?
a declaration of independence from old traditions and institutions (Religion, Authority, Class, Prejudice, Slavery)
Art designed to correct men by making them laugh at their folly
Catholic social activists; charity; converting Protestants, non-believers; spiritual directors and mentors
Functions of the Company of the Holy Sacrament
The universe is structured in a rational order (There is a natural social/political hierarchy)
study of how we know what we know,
rules for drama derived from Aristotle's Poetics that say a tragedy must have unity of time, place, and action
The Three Unities
he asserts the worth of the individual, both as a single self and in solidarity with all Americans, he asserts the worth of women, he rejects social hierarchy (all are his equal), he rejects traditional wisdom, his teacher is Nature,
Walt Whitman
outlaws slavery
13th Amendment
works that show Wordsworth is uncomfortable in cities - he likes the countryside
"Tintern Abbey" and "The World is Too Much With Us"
led a speaking tour to audiences that included men
Grimke sisters
Rebellions related with romanticism
American Revolution, French Revolution

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