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World Civ I Test 1


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the great pyramid
built by Khufu(a succesful pharoh)-100,000 people to build-no slave labor, and 20 years to build
advocate for lower class; cancelled all debts and freed all slaves; revived popular assembly
Greek City-States
inability to unify leads to their downfall
Amenhotep III
his rule epitomizes the climax of egyptian power in the New Kingdom
Early Dynastic period(thinite period)
age of pyramid building
a powerful empire in Anatolia
nominal monarchy;really age of nobles; very suspicious of foreigners and foreign ideas
Amenhotep IV
fat;brings about new monotheistic religion worshipping only Aton; renames himself Akhenaten; very into new religion
first dynasty
first united egypt-upper and lower
Battle of Kadesh
Hittites and Egyptians go to war and end up making peace-beneficial to both
forced to renounce monotheistic religion;tomb found in 20th century;comes into power when things are looking bad
World Empire of Persians
Anatolia, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylonia
lower egypt
no records in Egyptian history
capitol of upper egypt; burried dead
(AKA Narmer-catfish) first egyptian pharoh-sets up first dynasty
hero of the lower class;introduced new constitution giving the popular assembly more power;everyone could participate in governments;democratic constitution
The 2nd Messenian War
Messania resented Spartan rule and rebelled;deeply affected Sparta to become more militarily adept;moved to and oligarchy
Ramses II
Greatest ruler of the 19th dynasty;fights the Hittites; exodus probably happens in his reign; he breathes temporary life into the dying kingdom
capitol city built to worship Aton
later part of middle kingdom;invaded northern egypt
great orator and gifted military commander; encouraged youths to fight-helped to win the war
capitol of united egypt-on the border of the 2 kingdoms
Thutmose III
hated Hatshepsut;great military commander;expanded egyptian territory;humane to his captives;called the Napoleon of Ancient Egypt; built obilisks to tell of his accomplishments;largest empire
democracy;open and free society;best navy
Ahmose I
Founder of the 18th dynasty
Cyrus the Great
in one lifetime created one of the greatest empires in all hisory;he was tolerant and kind to his captives which kept the empire glued together
New Kingdom
militaristic-powerful army;imperialistic;absolutist-pharoh had much power
Age of Nobles
kingship is eliminated in Athens and power is in nobles' hands
very militaristic, disciplined, and controlled
woman pharoh;portrayed as masculine
upper egypt
Darius I
continued building on Cyrus' empire to gain the World Empire of Persians
nile river
lifeblood of egypt; flowed north
Amenemhet I
established new kingdom and 12th dynasty; bragged that none were hungry and all were at peace and cared for during his reign

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