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PSP Various History


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February 14, 1916
Date that PSP was founded
University of Central Missouri
The current name of where PSP was established is
When did PSP became a National Honor Frat?
Maintain collegiate chapters and national office
The 1940 Purple and Gold Newsletter was est. in order to
Warrensburg, Missouri
What city/state was PSP established in?
May 2, 1921
PSP became national on
Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship
The Tripod consists of
World War 2
What mid 20th century MAJOR event minimized the growth of PSP?
Clair Wilson
Who made the first membership handbook for initiates?
Passing an amendment to the national constitution by the grand chapter
What allowed women to be inducted into PSP?
State Teachers College
What college was PSP established at?
become a co-educational student organization, not discriminate against women; not just a Greek social frat but an honor fraternity
Title XI was passed so that PSP could...because...
Change the identity of PSP
People didnt want to merge with KPK because it would
Teacher Colleges
State colleges and universities were called
PSP newsletter, Lampadion
The first PSP national publication was the _, which changed to the _
Eldo Hendricks, Claude Phillips, C.H. McClure
Three members who founded PSP?

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