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History Exam Mid-term Short Answer

Exam Mid-Term Short answer The password is my 7th grade teacher's name... hint it isn't roman


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Homer's Poems
Iliad and Odyssey
World's first democratic constitution; father of democracy
Mesopotamian Advances
Wheel; Cuneiform; Number system
Parts of the Bible
Old Testament; New Testament
Fall of the Roman Empire
Too large; Too many people needed for the army; not a lot of farm land; high taxes; Wealthy Left
Famous Byzantine Emperor
Roman Invaders
Huns; Goths; Barbarians
Founders of Rome
Remus and Romulus
Indian Caste System
1: Brahmanism 2: Kshatriyas 3: Vaisyans 4: Sudras
Hittite Advances
Iron working (Strongest weapons of the time); Chariots
Rosetta Stone
Was written in three languages: Hieroglyphics, Demotic; Greek

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