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What year did Bantu Encounter Europeans
15 century
When and where was it orginated that punishement for interracial marriage became a law
1691 VA
When were some blacks freed because of heir religon
When was slavery outlawed
How many slaves died in the Middle passage (Africa to New world)
2 million
when was slavery made legal in every colony first one being Massachussets
Names given for Angolan slave trade areas
gold coast, Ivory Coast, Slave coast, pepper coast
Court, Supreme Court reaffirms European discovery and ultimate domination, Native Americans can occupy only cannot own the land
Johnson vs Mintosh
Who led unsuccessful slaves revolt in Louisianna where 500 slaves tried to take over the state and were met by a militia and troops
Charles Delondis 1811
childs skull 2.5 millon years old
Strict discipline, communicate to slave own sense of inferiority, belief in masters superiority, force slave to accept masters standard.communicate toslave own helplessness
5 molding areas
Which senator from S. Carolina supported racism, slavery and was very loyal to the union
Andrew Johnson
What year did Quakers state that slavery is inconsistent w/ Christianity
Why did lincoln fight the civil war
to preserve the union
Who in 1775 stated if any slave fights gets freedom
Lord Dunmore british governor of VA
At the beginning of the Civil war in 1860 what had the price of slaves appreciated to
4 billion dollars
What mullato slave ranaway from slave owner and served as a seaman and as the first to die in boston mascare 1750
Crispus Atticus
Who decided to throw sick slaves overboard for insurance purposes
Captain Luke Collinwood
Immense deaths, 500 years of expoitation, black holacaust european slave trade
How did northerns try to assist slaves
Resistance and underground railroads
Aksum converted to christianity
340 AD
Who began to speak against slaver in the 1800
papal bull issued on June 18, 1452 by Pope Nicholas V, that is credited with "ushering in the West African slave trade
Dum Diversas
Life span of an endenture slave once arrived to new world
4 - 5 years, no medical
Illegitamate daughter of slave women and white took her indentured contract to court and won her freedom
Elizabeth Key
What is the first region to abolish slavery in 1777
1st great kingdom..wealth power gold salt and slaves
Spanish and Portugese claimed new world what year
What is the name of the act that stated if any state joined the union they where allowed to keep slaves for a whil
Confiscation Act
First indentured slaves originated where
Predominant through sub saharan Africa, linquistic and Archealogical info
Who alligned with portugese taking spoils and selling encaptured slaves, reputation of witches, canabals, and devil worshipers
The price for bringing over indentured
Head rights 50 acres
Displace by the Bunta
Who was the couple that where charged with interracial marriage and cast out of there state to return and when there appeal in 1958
What 3 places does the constitution regcognize slavery
3/5's rule, slavery to end in 1807, if slave reached free state doesn't grant freedom
When was voting rights for slaves removed and where
1670 VA
first time a black servant was given a lifetime of slavery
How many hours did slaves work
15 hours a day 13hrs when it got colder
What year did Quakers play dominat role of abolishment of slavery and help to form missions for fujitive slaves
First black born in america to Isabella and Anthony that was documented
William Tucker
Who was the slave that bought his own freedom and gained his family's freedom around 1630
Anthony Johnson
Who began to lead in the slave trade in 17th century
What year was there a revolt in FL that included 300 Slaves and 20 Native americans that ended in conspiracy charges, conviction and beheading
Which battle was fought as a draw but south withdrew first the N. entered the war because they didn't want france or England to help with Emancipation proc.
Battle of Antietan 1863
Fed. Government not states have right over Indian affairs
Westcheser vs Georgia
Who was looking for Prester John
Prince Henry and Bartholomew
Where and what year was the first public slave auction
Jamestown square 1638
What year did the slave insurrection occur
papal bull written January 8, 1455 by Pope Nicholas V to King Afonso V of Portugal. As a follow-up to the Dum Diversas, it extended to the Catholic nations of Europe dominion over discovered lands
Romanus Ponteflex
Who planned a revolt with 1 to 4k slaves in VA and plot was discovered by military which resulted in hanging
Gabriele Prosser 1800
What is the most famous slave revolt
Nat Turner 1831
Condition that explained why slaves ranaway, thought disease could be controlled by medicine if not cut of their toes
Law changed to manumission where master had to pay a fee to free slave. year
Who elimanted field order # 15 and made families give everything back
Lincolns successor
Goods, carbonized steel, metal alloys, crops, cattle, fmaily domestic animals
What did the 5 molding areas do to slaves
taught slaves to despise race and culture, beliefs, african self hate
Criminals, debted, poor people,
Indentured slaves
Some Portugese rulers reverted to Christianity in what time
What revolt where slaves took over a ship and crew and afterward went to supreme court and won the case
Amistad 1839
Indentured svc proces to intice people to cometo new wod w/ head rights started at what time and what was the name
1600's Virgina company
Who issued speacial field order # 15 where black families near south will be given land formely owner by whites
Major General William Sherman
Who was the slave that was captured and escorted to jail by 1100 soldiers
Anthony Burns
7th Century Islam cross s. equator
What was the series of 3 revolts in S. Carolina that killed 51 whites and contstant maroon attacks
What centruty did Guam conquer maili
13 century
If a indentured slave lived out contract term what could happen
They become free agents and competitiors
Christian King that lived among the Moors
Prester John
N. Carolina passes a duty of heavy importation of slaves because they don't want slaves coming from other places. Year
Domination of Africa what century and who
15 century by Portugese for Spices headed to India
Who earned fees for capture of slaves
Who was the first slave captured under the Fujitive slave laws
James Hamlet
What time was white and black indentured servitude replace with slavery
who was the black man and white woman that was punished for affair in 1640
Robert Sweet and Margaret Cornish
How long did it take for the voyage of Africa to Freeworld
1 to 6 months
Who passed a slave law that if you look black you are black
Slave trade lucrative for Potrtugese, soldiers were advised to keep quiet maps and globes taken out of circulation
Modern day ethopia started foreign trade
name comes from romans
Argument over leadership and slaves revolted around 17th century
Ponce de Leon
Condtion that explained lack of motivation in slaves that try to do everything possible except work
First Angolan ruler
Who threated Africans by saying if you don't give us more slaves we will enslave you
Revolutionary Period where slaves fought for freedom on both sides
When was the first public slave auction and how many slaves
1634, 23 slaves
35 million years old
In 1860 what was the price of a single slave
Who wanted to please Price Henry by taking slaves captive and raids
Antam Goncalvez
What year was the slave trade open to capture
Who passed a formal documen protesting slavery in Germantown PA
Mennoite quakers 1698
Who aided slaves and one example
Quakers and Mennonites, underground railroad
Started the exploration and King of Portugal
Prince Henry the Navigator
Who held racist ideas that black was evil, death and son of Ham, negros naturlly addicted to robbery and murder
16 century Europeans
Compromise that states citizens had to help fund hunts if not 1000k fine
Missouri Compromise 1850
Master could free slaves at will
How long for process of Indentured slave to race based slavery take
80 yrs
Order issued by the Pope
Papel Bull
Where and when was the first census held that included 10 slaves
1625 Jamestown
What kept slaves under control
slave codes
Bantu and Anglos pay portugese with who
How were Greek and Roman slaves treated
Equal, educated and freed
Runaway slave name
Where did Angolians send children to be educated
Law stated didn't have to give aid for runaway slaves in northern states
PA vs Prige
In Angola what were the names of Kings
Why did they want masters to pay a fee to free a slave
rebellious slaves
Who made up the 2 pschological diseases Drapetomania and dysaethesia
Samuel A Cartwright
Who evented Cotton Gin thing so that slaves can produce 50lbs per day
Eli Whitney
What was the death rate on a slave ship
Rebel prisoners of , captured sold into slavery
Who was involved with the free state case that stated if a slave arrived from a non free state they still weren't free
Dred Scott 1857
Court, State laws over Cherokees domestic dependent ations
Cherokee nation vs Georgia
Slave shipped in a box to philadelphia
Henry Box Brown

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