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Western Civ Midterm 2


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What made the golden age of athens possible?
1. defeat of persians
2.delian leauge
What is the Delian League?
The voluntary alliance of 140 greek city-states, preparing for future Persian attacks
What were Pericles 3 goals?
-make Athens more democratics (pays people in government power)
-glorify/beautify city(used Delian league money)
-create commerical empire
-comedy and tragedy
-tragedy:when a main character loses power by own means
-comedy-pokes fun at own society
Seekers of Wisdom. Wanted to understand the world and human nature
taught by asking questions
searched for truth, beauty, good, justiced
questioned accepted values of society
-taught by Socrates
-The Republic-outlines perfect society, 3 classes, Philsophers, guardians, producers. no private property, no nuclear family
Golden Mean
syllogism=3 logically connected statements
if a=b and b=c then a=c
Athens-Art and Architecture
Kouros-similar to egyptian sculpture. rgigd, no motion, painted eyes.
amphorae-pottery-black and red figure styles
black-figures are painted on
red-background painted on
Eary Rome-geography
-close to water (trade)
-arable land because of river
-navigable river
-central location in italy->mediterranean
-apeninne mountains provide protection
-settled down (semi-nomadic)
-rule Latin's for 600 years until they overthrew
Roman Republic Social Hierarchy
Punic War 1
-Romans vs. Carthaginians
-For control of sicily and trade routes
-264-241 BCE
-at Sicily, sea
-Rome won, Carthage surrendered, they got corisca, sardinia, slaves and tribute payments
Punic War 2
-for revenge
-at Italy, Southern Spain, and Zama
-Rome won, Scipio goes to Africa, Gets spain, north africa, and pieces of Southern Gaul and tribute payments.
-Carthage signs treaty saying won't go to war without asking Rome
Punic War 3
-why? Rome asked numidia to attack carthage and they returned fire and violated treaty
-at Carthage
-Rome won, only power left in Egypt, got rest of North Africa
Significance of Punic Wars
-Romans got more land, tribute payments, slaves
-:( had to control slaves, economy based on warfare (gone now), scorched earth policy, Romans didn't have houses or jobs.
What is Latifundia?
Sorched Earth Policy and Tribute payments-nobody had any money or houses or anything at all.
Who is Tiberius Gracchus?
-focused on land reform, senate killed him.
Who is Gaius Gracchus?
-tribune 10 years after brother
-focused on affordable food. Senate killed him.
Roman Republic-Senate
for life
-must be patrician
-made laws
-chosen by consul
Roman Republic-Consuls
-1 year
-2 of them
-one can veto the other
-can elect a dictator
-commander in chiefs
-have to be patrician
Roman Republic-Assembly
"the people"
Roman Republic-Dictator
-6 mos. or until crisis is averted
-absolute power in extreme times
US govt-Executive
-commander in chief
-purpose to enforce law
-4 year term
US govt-Judicial
-purpose to interpret law
-life term
-can throw out laws
-chief justice overseas impeachment procedure
US govt- Legislative
-purpose to make laws
-can overturn veto with 2/3 majority
-can amend constitution with 3/4 majority
US govt-Senate
each state has same amount
can elect president's nominations
US govt-House of Representatives
-rep. based on population
can impeach
Rise of Christianity
Romans accepted Judiasm and Christianity as long as they respected the emperor and other gods
-poor people followed him, many people now following them-so he was crucified
What are the Characteristics of the R.E. that facilitated the rapid rise of christianity
-lots of cities
-road system
-same language (greek)
Fall of Rome-Economic
-trade routes vulnerable to attack
-unfavorable balance of trade
-devaluation of currency
-soil exhaustion
-increasing taxes
-no more war loot to fill treasury
Fall of Rome-Political
-lack of patriotism
-few wanted to serve
-military interference in political process
-high demand for government service
Fall of Rome-Social
-indifference towards public affairs
-widening gap between rich and poor
-poor work ethic
Fall of Rome-Military
-lack of patriotism
-increased use of mercenaries
-increased attacks on frontier

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