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Politics Exam 2 TEST


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unlike some other countries, congress persons in the US are selected in districts that are defined
in the 1996 election, clinton recieved 3,250,000 votes and dole recieved 2,220,000 votes; this gave clinton
all of the 33 electoral votes
what is the typical interaction between lobbyists and policymakers
presentation of info
A closed primary is restriced to
Party Identifiers
The government body that normally has the duty of redistricti the legislature
state legislature
a primary election in which voters must declare their party affiliation before they see the primary ballot
closed primary
an organization that sponsers candidates for public office
political party
the american party system has featured
competition of 2 dominant parties
statements that the police are required to make to a person before that person is subject to custody questioning are known as
miranda warnings
lobbyists involve themselves in the congressional lawmaking process NOT in this way
introducing the bill in the house and senate
the first objective of campaign advertising is
to ensure that a candidate has a high level of name recognition among voters
the long-term prospects of the reform party are weak becuase
the two party system is deeply ingrained
the last major expansion of suffrage in the US involved the criterion of
political parties are distinguished from interest groups in US politics because
interest group dont sponser candidates for office under their name
most americans get their news from
the decline in voter participation since 1950 can be attributed in large part to
the belief that voting does little good
the constitutional bases of the civil rights act of 1964 was
the commerce clause, full faith and credit
if no presidential candidate recieves a majority of the electoral college votes, the election is decided by
the house of representatives
at the presidential level, the electoral college system awards all of the states electoral votes to the candidate who
wins a plurality of popular votes in the state
if the us system of single-member districts with plurality voting were replaced with a system of proportional representation, one possible concequnce would be
a movement towards a multi-party system
it is rare to find an individual in the US who
joins a political party and regularly pays dues
presidential candidates are oficially nominated by
delegates of the parties national convention
in modern election campaigns, the largest amount of spending goes to
tv and radio
in order to win a plurality system, a candidate must have
more votes than anyone else
allows voters to select candidates for both parties simultaneously
blanket primary
james madison argues that liberty would be better protected in a larger republic because
the diversity of interests in a larger republic would provide a protection of liberty
the number of seats granted to each state in the house of representatives is
reappointed every 10 years after the census
since the present two part system was established, how many minor party candidates have been elected to the party
in the presidential election in the year 2004, who would become president if dan quayle got 22 million popular votes and 262 electoal votes and al gore got 20 million popular votes and 276 electoral votes
why might the political party prefer a closed primary election to other types of primaries
it helps ensure that candidates are chosen by people who share the goals and values of the party
voters of one party choosing a weak opposition party candidate
if california has 49 members in the House of Representatives, how many electoral college members does california have
the redrawing of district lines for partisan advantage
the most important qualification for being a lobbyist is
experience with washington and government operations
the us constitution was specifically provided for
no political parties
typically, the political party organization in the US is
dominated by a small inner circle composed of few loyal partisans
the secret ballot was first used in
there is no presidential race
an off year election
new civil rights declare what the government
must do for citizens or provide to them
citizens tend to hold the strongest opintions about political issues that involve
personal self interest
in federalist #10 james madison advocated
a system that inherently would control the effects of factions by allowing them to multiply
a meeting of the party's supporters to choose delegates to attend subsequent meeting at which the party decisions are made
candidates for the presidency commonly concentrate their compaign
in the most populated states
political parties are least important in which branch of the government
presidential elections in missouri
are pledged to the candidate who recieved the most votes in their state, but they may change their vote
civil liberties declare what the government
cannot do to citizens
amicus briefs offer a fairly inexpensive way for interest groups to influence decision making in this branch
judicial branch
characteristics frequently associated with nonvoters are
low education, low income, and being relatively young
the people dont elect the president, they elect electors who vote on their behalf
electoral college
the effects of the twenty-sixth ammendment which enfranchised eighteen to twenty year olds, was to
reduce the overall national voter turnout state
This is NOT a way that nominations are decided
general elections
the style and tactics of contemporary presidential campaigns are controlled primarily by
a candidate's personal campaign and organizations
ask electorate to nominate, not public elections, party elections in which organization asks loyal followers who they want to vote in this private election
direct primary
the number of electoral votes to win the presidency
the institution that has suffered the greatest loss of influence over the electoral process in the last forty years
political party
rights such as privacy, free press, and freedom of speech
substantive rights
a child born of an american living abroad
has the right to american citizenship abroad
which of the following would probably never attempt to achieve goals of a political nature- religious, labor related, environmentalists, consumer port.
are all liable to lobby
among democratic nations the US ranks where in the percentage of eligible population voting
examples of procedural rights include
arrest for probable cause, protection from unreasonable search and seizure , right to a fair hearing

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