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Pennsylvania and the New Country


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What meeting was held at the State House in Philadelphia in 1787?
The Constitutional Convention
A country's plan of government
Where did Washington stay while attending the Constitutional Convention?
At the home of Robert Morris
Who was the oldest delegate to the Constitutional Convention?
Benjamin Franklin
Who held parties to make the delegates happy and more comfortable?
Eliza Powel
Who is believed to be the author of the Constitution?
Gouverneur Morris
When did the delegates sign the Constitution?
September 17, 1787
Where was the nation's new capital built in 1800?
Washington, D.C.
How was Philadelphia honored in 1790?
Our country's capital was again located in Philadelphia.
What do we call the Pennsylvania State House today?
Independence Hall
What is transportation?
A way to move goods and people from one place to another.
Who ran the first steamboat in Pennsylvania?
John Fitch
Who built the first steamship?
Robert Fulton
An inland waterway built for transportation is a _______.
How did canals improve transportation?
They shortened travel time from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh from 23 days to 4 days.
How were canal boats powered?
They were pulled by mules or oxen.
What was the first major road in the United States to be built with crushed stone?
The Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike
What was the first steam train to trabel on rails in the USA?
the Stourbridge Lion
Why were railroads important to the development of the US?
They made journeys faster and created jobs for people.
What caused canals to be used less, and even go out of business?
Why did smoke hang over Pittsburgh?
From the burning of coal in homes and factories
All the businesses used to make one kind of goods is called an ___________.
Why did industries grow all over Pennsylvania after the American Revolution?
Coal was plentiful and could be burned to power steam engines, which meant factories didn't have to be near water to run machinery.
What two types of coal were found in Pennsylvania?
Bituminous coal, (soft coal) and Anthracite coal (hard coal)
What coal was found mostly in western PA?
Bituminous coal
What coal produces much smoke and can be heated to make a fuel called coke?
Bituminous coal
A gray-black solid fuel used to make iron
What coal was found mostly in eastern PA?
Anthracite coal
What coal makes a very hot fire when burned?
Anthracite coal
What was coal called because it was so valuable in PA?
black diamonds
Who found a way to change oil so it could be used to light lamps?
Samuel Kier
Who discovered oil near Titusville?
Edwin Drake
Towns that grow quickly
Boom Towns
Word to describe items made from thread or yarn
Philadelphia was a leader in what two industries?
textiles and shipbuilding
Why did PA's population triple between 1820 and 1860?
Immigrants came for jobs in the growing industries of PA
The number of people who live in a place or area
Special diagrams that show a lot of information in a clear way
A graph that shows how the parts of something make up or fit into the whole
Circle Graph
Graph that shows how a piece of information changes with time. Shows an increase or decrease in number
Line Graph
What allowed farmers to switch from subsistence farming to growing cash crops?
New forms of transportation and better tools
A crop that is grown to be sold for money
Cash crop
How were many PA crops moved east?
On canals and railroads
A method of farming where a different crop is planted in the same soil each year
Crop Rotation
Why do farmers use crop rotation?
It keeps the soil healthy.
What caused life to be better for PA farmers ?
Changes in transportation
Changes in farming methods
New machinery
What did Robert and Joseph Smith invent?
the iron plow
What did Cyrus McCormick invent?
A mechanical horse-drawn reaper used to harvest grain
A highway on which travelers have to pay a fee

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