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Aztec emperor conquered by Hernando Cortes
William and Mary
ruled after Glorious Revolution; ruled under limited monarchy
Qing Dynasty
China's last dynasty, ruled from 1644-1912 and expanded China's borders to include Taiwan, Mongolia, and Tibet
Prince Henry
Portugeuse royal aka as "the Navigator," who built school for explorers
"Overlord", or "one with power"
joint-stock company
business in which investors pool their wealth for a common purpose, then share profits
God, glory, gold
primary motives for exploration
In the Ottoman Enpire, the policy of taking boys from conquered Christian peoples to be trained as Muslim soldiers
economic policy under which nations sought to increase wealth & power by obtaining raw materials and selling finished product back to colony at higher price
Seperate legal courts pertaining to personal law under which minorities were allowed to rule themselves
land controlled by another nation
Old Regime
social and political system of France in which people were divided into three social classes or estates
Conquered my Mehmed II
A per capita tax inposed on non-Muslim adult males
A large tomb or building containing tombs
federal system
system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and number of individual states
Bill of Rights
first 10 amendments to the u.S. Consititution that portect citizens' basic rights and freedoms
Byzantine Empire
Non-Muslim religious communities permitted to follow their own religious laws and practices
group of people seeking freedom from religious persecution in England
3rd son of Shah Jahan of Mughal Empire in India
Christopher Columbus
In 1492 sailed west across Atlantic to find alternate route to Asia: explored San Salvador, Cuba, Hispaniola; made 4 trips
Charles I
Stuart King of England, beheaded after English Civil War
Aztec capital
English Civil War
conflict (1642-1649) in which Puritan supporters of Parliament battled supporters of Englands monarchy
aka King Philip, Native American ruler, who in 1675 led attack on colonial villages throughout Massachusetts
brass circle with rings marked off in degrees so ships captain could calculate latitude
Hereditary moonarch of Iran
Shah Abbas built this new capital for the Safavid culture
Suleyman the Lawgiver
Also known as Suleyman the Magnificant
One who doesn't believe in a certain religion
instrument used to determine direction
person of mixed Spanish and Native American ancestry
Known as the most successful warrior
Hernando Cortes
Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztecs
Vasco da Gama
Portuguese explorer credited with giving Portugal direct sea route to India
Baburs grandson, "Greatest One"
Zheng He
Chinese Muslim admiral; led 7 exploratory voyages from 1405-1433 from southeast Asia to eastern Africa
Tokugawa Shogumate
dynasty of shoguns that ruled a unified Japan from 1603 to 1867
Jacques Cartier
French explorer who discovered Montreal and the St. Lawrence River
One of the nomads who invaded the Idian subcontinent in the 16th centuryand established a powerful empire there
New Netherland
discovered by Henry Hudson for the Dutch; formed Dutch West India Company established to colonize the region and expand the fur trade
Petition of Right
document signed Charles I in 1628 that the monarch's power
Oliver Cromwell
Lord Protector; Puritan general in English Civil War
A member of an elite force of soldiers in the Ottoman Empire
second estate
comprised of French nobility
Treaty of Tordesillas
agreement between Spain and Portugal brokered by the pope that divided New World
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish conquistador who conquered Incas
Shah Abbas
Also knwon as Abbaas the Great
Mehmed II
Also called Mehmed the Conqueror
A Warrior for Islam
native Manchurians who ruled China during Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and expanded China's Borders
11 year old boy who inherited a kindom that is now Uzbekistan and Tajikistan
economic system based on private ownership and on the investment of money in business ventures for a profit
first estate
comprised of French clergy
Dutch East India Company
company founded in early 17th century to establish and direct trade throuhgout Asia
Shah Juhan
Son of Jahangir
Member of a nonviolent religious group whose beliefs belnd elements of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sufism, target of the Mughals hatred
Virginia colony founded 1607 following decree from King James to found colony in North America
Line of Demarcation
imaginary longitudinal line drawn by pope to divide new lands claimed by Portugal from those claimed by Spain
Timur the Lame
Named due to an injury by an arrow int he leg
Ming Dynasty
Chinese dynasty that ruled from 1368-1644; dominant power in Asia
French social classes
group of Puritans who founded Plymouth colony in Massachusetts in 1620
habeas corpus
document requiring that a prisoner be brought before a court or judge to determine whether imprisonment is legal
A Shi'ite Mislim dynasty that ruled in Persia
favorable balance of trade
an economic situation in which a country sells more goods abroad than it buys from abroad
sturdy ship with triangular sails that help vessel sail,effectively against wind
Follower or Osman
New France
base of Frances colonial empire in North America
constitutional monarchy
system of governing in which the ruler's power is limited by law/constitution
period following Protecorate in which English monarchy (Charles II) restored
Columbian Exchange
aka Global Exchange or Grand Exchange; global transfer of plants, animals, & diseases that occurred during European colonization of Americas
Spanish soldiers, explorers, and fortune hunters
Japanese feudal lord who commanded a private army of samurai
In 1499, at the age of 12, siezed most of what is now Iran
Incan king conquered by Pizarro
Glorious Revolution
bloodless overthrow of James II (English) to be replaced by William and Mary
third estate
comprised of the middle class and peasants
group of advisors or ministers chosen by head of country to help make government decisions
grant of land made by Spain to a settler in the Americas that included right to use Native American laborers
Bartolomeu Dias
Portuguese explorer who sailed to Cape of Good Hope
Taj Mahal
built by jahan in india, most beautiful building in the world
Puritan supporters of Oliver Cromwell
French & Indian War
conflict, known as Seven Years War in Europe, between Britain and France in 1754-1763 for control of territory in North America
checks and balances
measures designed to prevent any one branch of government from dominating the others

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