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U.S history terms


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Northwest Ordinance
territory could become a state , north west territory should be governed
zenger trail
freedom of press
Albany Plan of Union
ben. J form union of colonies as part of the plan used in articles of confederation
Salutary Neglect
england governed american colonies
confederates who opposed strong central government, likes state
Loose Interpretation
constitution granted power to government
Common sense
Thomas Paine use to spoke to the common people to ask for independence from great britain
John Locke
natural rights inspired american revolution and declaration of independence
belief that gov. increase wealth by encouraging exports and discouraging imports
division of powers
States(reserved power)-mariiagelicense,drivers national governemnt(delegated powers)-money,enumerated,foreing
Mayflower Compact
drafted by the pilgrims as they sailed to the new world abroad the Mayflower. Plymouth colony
Article of confederation
first american constituion, provided aa weak national government, that governed the nation during crtical period
great compromise
satisfy small states of equal representation as large states
First amendment
bills of rights freedom of religion,speech,press,assembly and petition
Virginia house of burgesses
The first elected legislative assembly in the North america, established in the colony of virginia in 1619
elastic clause
constitution gives congress to pass laws that seemed necessary

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