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History Chapter 9

Manifest Destiny


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New Mexico
state founded in 1598; the oldest colony of New Spain
the indian people that got diseased and were diminished form 14,000 in 1700 to 10,000 in 1765
indians of the Great Plains who were aggressive and powerful
the indian tribe that had a living of killing buffalo with the help of horses from the spanish
indians of the rocky mountains
indians of the mississippi valley
indians of the canyons
the indians who ravaged new mexico; very few of them accepted the peace terms of the Spanish
the original purpose of this state was to protect the Spanish mines and other territories of Mexico
the Spanish used this state as part of their northern buffer zone from the russian traders from alaska
people did not want to come here because of isolation from the market; they came here during the gold rush
junipero serro
franciscan priest who set up missions in the mexican us area
Junipero serro
he set up 4 presidios, 9 missions, and 2 agricultural towns, San Jose and Los Angeles by 1784
the year that Spanish rule ended
person who favors territorial growth
manifest destiny
the belief that GOd wanted the US to own all of North America
Santa Fe Trail
trail from missouri to new mexico that gave horse, mules, fur, and silver there and brough american manufactured goods
mountain men
young american trappers who hunt for beaver pelts in the Rockies
South Pass
a small shortcut in Wyoming
Jedidiah Smith
he took South Pass and went through the Sierra Nevada to reach California to trade with the mexicans
California Trail
trail that linked the US to the pacific coast
oregon trail
trail including the south pass to get to the walla walla indian mission
marcus and narcissa whitman
two men who attracted people to the Willamette Valley; they end up getting killed by native americans who blamed them for bringing disease
john fremont
he went west by way of the mountain men trails
5 months
the time it took to go from missouri to the california coast by wagon
donner party
the group of people who got lost on their way to california and resorted to cannibalism
brigham young
organized a mormon "exodus" to New Zion of Utah
Joe Smith
the founder of the mormons
the year that brigham young led the mormons to new zion
Treaty of Fort Laramie
1851 the US forces the indians to stay away from the trails, but they don't comply
the orignal settlers of texas
the american settlers in texas
the place where mexicans would allow americans to settle if they became a mexican citizen, worshipped as a roman catholic, and accepted the roman constitution
this was banned by the mexican constitution
Stephen Austin
the founder of Austin, Texas
the ratio of anglo-texans to tejanos in 1835
antonio lopez de santa anna
the dictator and last hope of mexico
the only battle that the Americans lost to the mexicans
sam houston
the first president of texas
remember the alamo
the motto of americans to fight for texas since Santa Anna made martyrs out of their soldiers
Battle of San Jacinto
Sam Houston attack Santa Anna to kill 630 and capture 730 and to sign a treaty for texas independence and adding half of new mexico
James Polk
the president who won at the 1844 election
Henry Clay
this dude opposed james polk
James Polk
won the election because he promised to acquire oregon
the state that Polk split between the US and Britain because he did not want to provoke a war with a powerful country
Lone Star Republic
texans declare themselves the _______as they pushed for independence
Zachary Taylor
the general who was first sent to patrol the border at the two rivers (Nueces and Rio Grande)
May 1846
The start of the Mexican-American War
these politics supported the war
these politics opposed the war since Polk provoked it by sending troops there
The politics who did not aggressively oppose the war because of what happened to the federalist party
The US was at an ___________ during the war because they were larger, wealthier, more populous, and had more industries for weapons
Winfield Scott
the general whom Polk used to replace Taylor
Stephen Kearny
the general who got New Mexico though diplomacy
John Fremont
he helped Kearny get California
Bear Flag Republic
also known as California
Battle of Buenavista
the second time that Santa Anna was beaten
the port city that Winfield Scott went to before he went to Mexico City for the final time
site of Los Ninos Heroes
September 1847
When Winfield Scott got Mexico City and won the war
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
1848 the treaty when mexico gave the northern third of their country to the US
Nicholas Trist
Polk's negotiator who only got Mexico City
Gadsen Purchase
1853 the US gets Arizona and New Mexico for the sake of building railroads
David Wilmot
the whig who wanted all new lands from Mexico to ban slavery
Wilmot Proviso
the law that tried to ban slavery in the new mexican territories
the year of the gold rush
San Francisco
the city where people traveling the sea route to the gold rush would come
the people who participated in the gold rush
placer mining
using cheap metal pans, shovels, and picks to get gold from the bottom of streambeds
hydraulic mining
mining that damaged the environment in order to jet water sluices to catch gold
hard rock mining
mining for the wealthiest people who could go in the mountains to get the gold with quartz
foreign miners tax
foreigners had to pay this if they wanted to mine on white man's territory
californian mexicans
October 1849
California holds a convention to draw up a state constitution
_______-were excluded from the California state constitution
the ratio of free states and slave states in 1849

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