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Chp. 12 Review for History

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County Court Act
created 34 new counties each with its own court
the home of Andrew Pickens where Native Americans signed the first treaty w/ America
opposed the Constitution
the new capital of SC as of 1786 on a high bluff on the Congaree River
judicial branch
government branch that consists of courts
National Archives
place the Constitution is now
legislative branch
government branch that creates laws
Amercement Act
list people who sought British protection and fined their property
Santee Canal
connected the Santee and Cooper Rivers
Low Country
the Constitution of 1790 kept the power in the hands of the
Pierce Butler, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Charles Pinckney, John Rutledge
SC delegates to the Constitutional Convention (alphabetical order)
favored the Constitution
certificates with a 7 % interest used to repay war veterans
New York
new capital of the US, appointed by Congress in 1788
Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin
states formed from the Northwest Territory
Andrew Pickens
named as an American commisioner to deal with Native Americans
Confiscation Act
listed Loyalists and sold all of their equity
Three Fifths Compromise
counted 3/5 of slaves in state population
executive branch
government branch that includes the president, vice president, and other appointed officials

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