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A country that has a government in which power is held by the people who elect representatives. Category : Policy, people, documents
Checks and Balances
the distribution and balancing of power among different branches of government so that no one branch is able to dominate the other.
Thomas Jefferson
Chief drafter of the Declaration of independence; made the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and sent out the Lewis and Clark expedition to explore it.
A set of the customs, traditions, rules and laws that set forth the way a government is organized and d operated.
Natural Rights
The idea that people have the basic rights-life,liberty, and property, Government is created to protect these rights
Political Party
Any organization that seeks to achieve political power by electing members to public office as that their ideas can be reflected in public policies.
Seperation of Powers
The division of power among the different branches of government in the U.S.
A form of government in which political power is exercised by all citizens, either directly, or through elected representatives.
A person who is a legal member of a nation, country, or other self-governing community.
a large area of a state or country, usually without exact borders.
James Madison
Chief creator of the United States Constitution, Father of the Constitution.
To agree and accept something, approve of something, or allow something to take place
To examine or think about something carefully in order to understand it.
Mayflower Compact
An agreement to form a political body, signed in 1620, signers agreed to install "just and equal" laws in their government

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