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Ch. 3 & 4


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Brtains & France fought in the colonies _ times[wars]
Charters were used by King Jame to do what?
Let groups of merchants organize settlements in North America
City of Brotherly Love
Did the labor increase or decrease when enslaved workers worked when hard labor was done on larger farms?
England's view of colonies
economic resource
France & Britain fought in what war?
7 year's or Franch 7 Indian War
George Washington
Leader of Ft.Necessity
Georgia's main crop
Governor William Berkley said that the Nathaniel Bacon was the..?
"greatest rebel that ever was in Virginia"
How was Manhattan purchased?
From Native Americans for beads
Jamestown legislative assembly was called what?
House Of Burgesses
John Smith
Leader of Jamestown
John Winthrop
leader of Mass. Bay Colony
Mative American leader
Procalmation of 1763
halted westward expansion past the Appalachians
The 1st written constitution in America was called what?
Fundamental Orders Of Connecticut
The French and the Indian War was between?
England & France
Region in South with plantations
Tobacco was planted by which group of settelers?
What are pacifists?
People who refuse to fight in wars
What are separatists?
Pritestants who wanted to leave & found own churches
What did separatists call themselves when they went on their religious journey?
What did the Navigation Acts do to colonists?
Restricted trade
What did the Pontiac understand about the British?
That they threated Native Americans way of life
What did William Penn write?
Pennsylvania's 1st constitution
What ended power for France in North America?
Loss of French & Indian War
What is a militia?
Volunteer army of local citizens
What is mercantilism?
Economic theory that said that a nations power depended upon Trade.
What is the Albany Plan?
To unite the colonies
What was the batcountry?
region of small farms in the south
What was the Iroquois Confederacy?
Powerful group of Native Americans
What was the Lost Colony?
What was the Middle Passage?
Leg of journey in which enslaved Africans shipped to west Indies
What was the pilgrims colony call?
What were slave codes?
Harsh laws regarding slaves living on plantations
What were the enslaved Africans used for?
to work on the plantations
What were the missions?
Religious settlements set up in CA
Who oversaw the war effort from London?
Willian Pitt
Who was Edward Braddock?
British leader sent to conquer the French in Ohio
Who was Jeffrey Amherst?
British commander
Who was Pontiac?
Ottawa chief
Who was Squanto?
Native American who helped Pilgrims to plant corn, beans and squash
Who was Thomas Hooker?
Founder of Hartford
Who was Virginia's governor?
Sir Willian Berkley
Who was Willian Pitt?
Prime Minister Of Great Britian
Who were the french friendliest with?
The Native Americans
Why was New England considered great trading area for North America?
Hud of shipping trade
Why was the last colony of Georgia created?
For debtors & poor people
[TRUE or FALSE] Georgia was the first British colony to be established in America?

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