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Federalist No. 10

to protect from factions you need a large government instead of small, minimal governments ie states
Federalist No. 51 
in order to maintain liberty, it is best that no governmental branch be involved with the appointment of the others. If the principle were rigorously appl
The people are said to rule directly or indirectly
Direct Democracy
all or most citizens participate directly ie town meeting
peoples whos posses a dispropotionate share of some value
Elitist Theory
Those who r elite have their matters taken more serious
Political authority confermed by law, public opionion, or constitution
Majoritarian Politics
almost everybody benifits from a policy and almost everybody pays for it
Marxist Theory
gov. is mearly a reflection of underlying economic forces primarily the pattern of ownership of the means of production
Max Weber
helped by deffining a state (Bureaucrate), they run the government
Pluralist Theory
Compition among all affected inerests shapes public policy COMPROMISE
Political Power (Mills)
a type of power held by a person in society IE head of state
The ability of one person to get another person to act in accordance with the first persons desires
Power Elite (Mills)
The top leader controlls everything ie bush
Representative Democracy
leaders and representatives aquire political power by means of a competitive struggle for the persons vote

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