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Cartwright Names


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Abraham Allison
FL's governor after Milton's suicide
Abraham Lincoln
US president easily elected in 1860, convinced FL that they had no hope of any power in government, Civil war
AH Colquitt
Confederate hero at Olustee, organized ambush of US army in 1865 in FL
Andrew Jackson
1st military governor of FL
Andrew Johnson
US president from 1865 to 1868, taking over after Lincoln died
Billy Bowlegs
Seminole Chief in 1855 who leads the Seminoles during the 3rd war
Cabeza de Vaca
One of the survivors of Panfilo de Narvaez's failed exploration of FL in 1528
Charlie Emathla
Seminole chief murdered by Osceola for agreeing remove the Seminoles from FL
David E. Yulee
First US senator for FL in 1845, a vocal secessionist
Duncan Clinch
Colonel who led the forces to destroy the Negro Fort in 1816
Edmund Kirby SMith
FL's only full-fledfed general in Confederate army, big-cheese general
EM McCook
US general who occupies Tallahassee in 1865
Francis Dade
US major ambushed by Seminoles in 1835
George F. Drew
Florida's 1st post reconstruction governor in 1876
George Johnstone
Most famous British Governer of West Fl
Hamilton Disston
Northern industrialist who buys 4 million acres in Fl in 1881
Harrison Reed
Fl's first republican governor under the new constitution in 1868
Henry Flagler
most famous of Railroad barons, connected NYC to KEy west
Henry Plant
Railroad Baron who connects the St. JOhn river and tampa
Hernando de Soto
Spanish Conquistador who explored FL in 1539, treating the FL tribes very harshly, continued to Mississippi River
James Grant
Most popular governer of East FL, british
Jean Ribault
French leader ordered to build settlement in Spanish FL in 1562
Jefferson Davis
President of CSA
John Brown
Violent abolitionist executed in Virginia in 1859 after hapers ferry, led many in south that North wants to destroy southern life
John Milton
Fl's governor in 1865, commmits suicide as US army wins war
John Wilkes Booth
Southerner who assassinated Abraham lincoln in 1865
Jonathon C. Gibbs
1st African A. to serve in FL's government
Jose Marti
Leader of Cuba's revolution in 1898
Josiah T. Walls
First African A. to serve in US congress
Julia Tuttle
Resident of Miami, convinces Henry Flagler to continue railroad to Miami
Madison S. Perry
FL governor at time of secession, organized the millitia and sezied US forts
Napoleon B. Broward
Fl's most popular progressive governor in the early 1900's
Seminole chief who signed treaty of moultrie creek
Defiant leader of Seminole Indians in 1830's during the 2nd war
Panfilo De Narvaez
Spanish Conquistador who explored Fl in 1528, eventually getting lost
Pedro Menendez
Spanish goernor of Fl ordered to destroy French settlements in FL
Ponce de Leon
Spanish Conquistador credited with discovering and naming Fl in 1513
Rene de Laudonniere
Fench Leader who assisted Jean Ribault in setling FL
Robert E. Lee
supreme commander of the confederate army in Civil war
Sidney J. Catts
FL governor during 1910's, prejudice, campaigned in an automobile
Thomas Jessup
US general who captures Osceola under white flag of truce in 1837
Tristan de Luna
Spanish conquistador who settled Pensacola in 1559, then forced to abandon it
Wiley Thompson
US indian agent responsible for moving Siminoles out west in 1835
William Chipley
known as Mr. Railroads, connected west FL and East FL in 1874
William D. Moseley
the 1st state governor of Fl in 1845
William DuVal
first territorial Governor in 1821
William Moseley
first state governor of FL in 1845
Woodrow Wilson
President during WW1

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