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Australian History: Federation to 1914


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'White Australia' Policy
A restrictive immagration policy followed by Australian governments until the 1960's to prevent non-Europeans from entering Australia.
The settlement of disputes by a judge.
Proposed changes to the law by Act of Parliment. A Bill does not become an Act of Parliment until it is passed by both houses of parliament.
Commonwealth Government
Government of Australia, also called the federal government or the Australian Government.
Reconciling by helping both parties to reach an agreement in a dispute.
Forcing people to join the armed forces.
Rules according to which a state is governed.
Constitutional Monarchy
A political system in which a monarch is the head of state but in which his or her power is limited by a constitution.
A political system in which, generally, all adult citizens have the right to vote for their governing representatives.
The priciple of equality amoung people.
The joining together of the Australian colonies to become a nation.
The right to vote at elections.
Free Trade
Trade between nations or states that is not restricted by measures to protect a state's industries against competition.
Fringe Dwellers
People living in poverty at the edges of country towns.
Australian representative of Australia's head of state, the British monarch.
House of Representatives
The lower house of the Australian Commonwealth Parliament
The feeling of strong loyalty towards a country.
A system of control of the affairs of people, as if they were children.
The government leader, or chief minister, of the Australian colonies to 1901 and of the Australian states after federation
Protection Policies
Policies adopted by Australian colonial and state governments between the late 1880's and 1909 to control Aboriginal people.
Referendum (plural Referenda)
Voting in which electors can express a view on a particular issue. The Australian Constitution can be changed only through a referendum.
A system of government in which the head of state is elected or appointed and is not a monarch. (e.g.: America)
The Upper House of the Australian Commonwealth Parliament, designed to act as a house of review and to represent the interests of the states.
The idea that industry should be controlled by the public rather than privately owned. Socialists believe that this helps create a fairer, more equal society.
The right to vote at elections. (Same as franchise)
A tax or duty imposed by governments on imported goods to raise money and to protect local industries by making imports more expensive.
Temperance Movement
A group of people who campaigned to have alcoholic drinks restricted or banned.
Trade Union
An organisation formed to represent workers in an occupation or industry and to campaign for improved wages and conditions.

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