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Where was the first chapter of APO founded?
Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania.
On what date was APO founded?
December 16, 1925.
Who founded APO?
Frank Reed Horton.
What is out motto?
Be a leader. Be a friend. Be of service.
Name the first and second National Presidents of APO.
Frank Reed Horton and H. Roe Bartle.
What are the cardinal principles of APO?
Leadership, Friendship, and Service.
When and where was the first national convention held?
March 1st and 2nd of 1931 in St. Louis, Missouri.
How many regions are within the fraternity, and in which region are we located.
10, and we are located in region 5.
In whose honor is this pledge class named?
Susan Wilson & Michael Bradshaw.
Jewel? Bird? Flower? Tree? Colors?
Diamond Golden Eagle Forget-me-not Oak Tree Blue and Gold
What are the lyrics of the toast song?
Here's to Alpha Phi Omega, loyal brothers we / True to self and to each other, firm in loyalty / Daily working, daily striving, evermore to be/ Men of Alpha Phi Omega, our Fraternity. / Brothers clasp the hands of brothers, strong the circle we / Ever min
In what year year did the National Convention vote to allow women in as full members?
1976 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Who is the current National President?
Fred Heismeyer III.
What are the five offices of the Ex-Officio members of the Board of Directors?
Natl. Archivist, Natl. BSA Liason, Int. Rel. Director,Natl. Exec. Director, Natl. Legal Counsel
What does the acronym LEADS stand for?
Launching, Exploring, Achieving, Discovering, Serving
Name the four fields of service and give an example of each
Campus: used book exchange; Fraternity: chapter fund-raiser; Community: blood drive; Nation: Habitat for Humanity
Name three of Alpha Phi Omegas distinguished alumni.
George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Tom Daschle
What is the fraternitys official website?
Where is Alpha Phi Omegas National Office located?
14901 East 42nd Street Independence, Missouri 64055
When was the dedication of the National Office?
November 17, 1990
Who is our regional director?
J. Bolain
How often are National Conventions held?
Every even year
What happens at National Conventions?
Enact legislation; create fellowship, promote exchange of ideas for service projects, and discuss chapter operations; develop leadership ability, through service on committees and participation in workshops and seminars.
What is the name of the National Magazine, and how often is it published?
Torch and Trefoil; quarterly.
How many sections are in APO?
Who are Centre College's chapter officers?
Chris Patton, Aaron White, Chris Fleming, Josh Stevens, Lindsay Maurer, Ben Gowen, Eric Sanchez, Cloe Luckett, and Keri Roeder.
Why was APO founded?
To start young people on the right path by holding up before them a standard of manhood.
What other states are in our region?
Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virgina.
What is the Scout Oath?
On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to stay physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.
What is the Scout Law?
A Scout is: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, brave, thrifty, cheerful, clean, and reverent.
Who were some of the first presidents of APO?
Frank Reed Horton, H. Roe Bartle, and Arno Nowotny.
Who are current National Officers?
Maggie Katz and Mark Stratton.
Who are the current National Program Directors?
Carla Moran, Ed Richter, Brant Warrick, Jeff Cantor, John Ottenad, and Jim Hahn.
Who is our Sectional Adviser?
John Strada.
Who created our early ritualism?
Handclasp: Thane Cooley; Coat of Arms:Everett Probst; Constitution: Ellsworth Dobson & Gordon Looney; Name: Frank Reed Horton.
Who is Herbert G. Horton?
An advisor; had been a Naval Officer and was a local Scout executive who help Frank Reed Horton become a Deputy Scout Commissioner.
Facts about our Founder?
Served as an ensign on a minesweeper in WWI. Tried court martial cases in his division. Was in SAE.
Where will the next National Convention be held, and where was the last one held?
Boston in 2008; Louisville in 2006.
What is the fraternity's highest distinction.
National Distinguished Service Award.
What are the two types of service performed by the National Office?
Service to Brothers and Service to Chapters.
When are regional and sectional conferences held.
Odd numbered years; annually.
What are our insignia?
The pin and the coat of arms.

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