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Civic Ch.3 Section 4


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The final responsibility for interpretation of the Constitution rests with who?
It rests with the Supreme Court.
Once an amendment has been ratified what fraction of the states must ratify it?
Three-fourths of the states must ratify the amendment.
What are the implied powers also listed in Article I?
The implied powers are powers that Congress can excercise not specifically listed in the Constitution.
The writers of the constitution deliberaletly made the amendment proccess difficult because.......?
Because even one small change in the constitution could have dramatic effects on throughout the government.
By what two ways can an amendment be ratified?
It can be ratified by a vote in each legislature or by calling specail state conventions.
What is most of the federal government based on?
Much of the federal government is based on the implied powers of Congress.
People who believe in loose interpretation of the government believe what?
They believe that Congress should be allowed to make any laws the Constitution does not specifically forbid?
The necessary and proper clause in Article I states what?
It states that Congress has the power to make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper to carry out its duties.
What are the two ways the Constitution can be changed?
It can be changed by amendment and interpretation.
Article V explains that by which what to steps the Constitution can be amended?
An amendment must first be proposed and then it must be ratified.
Why has the Constitution lasted for more than 200 years?
It has lasted all this time because of its flexibility or ability to change with times.
People who believe in strict interpretation of the government believe what?
They believe the Congress should only make laws listed in the constitution.
What are the two ways in which an amendment may be proposed?
By a vote of two-thirds of themembers of both houses of Congressor by a national convention.
Amendment to the Constitution has done what for the people?
It has abolished slavery and given women the right to vote.

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