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fall09 history test 2


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articles of confederation
weak national government
confederation government public land policy
all the federal government can do is sell lands
no one wanted the job of the...
articles of confederation presidency
land ordinance (1785)
federal government took land territory to the west and set down a grid system to help them sell. a method for new states.
how a territory becomes a state...
1. an area has to have a minimum of 60,000 people 2. state has to draft a state constitution 3. apply to congress for statehood-> congress has to say yes or no
northwest ordinance (1787)
put aside the territories of the great lakes region
slavery is allowed in the area of the northwest ordinance (t or f)
problems with the british...
1. wouldn't leave -> kept their armies along the great lakes 2. instigating the indians against americans 3. people who headed west got killed 4. underselling us business purposely to ruin the economy
still thinks they can get america back
farmers did this...
borrowed money from us banks.
farmers received this
iou's that weren't worth much, so they sold them off to get money
rhode island
started printing out their own money
the money rhode island printed...
devalued private savings.
paper money sent a threat to...
private property.
government had no power over this...
massachussetts raised
taxes to pay off debts
shays rebellion happened because
farmers are asking for lower taxes. massachussettes ignored them so they farmers started to form militias.
in shays rebellion the farmers did this...
they went to courthouses and protested while destroying them...things they owe money to.
shays rebellion was put down...
violently. many were killed.
one year after shays rebellion massachusettes lowered taxes
founding father hated...
defferson wanted democracy
the founding father wanted these people to have the power
shays rebellion was very important to our changing the way our government was ran (t or f)
alexander hamilton was the first one to...
call for a convention
annapolis convntion (1786)
the first convention held to try and change the constitution...only five people came before shays rebellion.
philadelphia convention (1787)
after shays rebellion. a lot of people came.
description of the founding fathers...
adult white males. 40 (besides ben franklin (81)) slaveholders (some) had a lot in common. wealthy elite educated
we don't want a national government that's...
so strong that liberties are taken away
problems of federalism...
it's never been done before.
great compromise
dealt with representation. state equality- h.o.r. representation by pop. senate- equal representation. both big and small states got what they wanted
sovereign power-
for the people under the new government. no one can impose on those powers.
who interprets the constitution...
today-supreme court one the constitution- left blank
stronger national government....
no separate election for pres/vp electoral college. supreme court.
new congress has the power to:
-regulate interstate & foreign congress -tax
government power goes ____ state powers go _____
up down
restrictions on states
-can't print out paper money -stay laws: states can't interfere with business contracts
federalist supported the constitution
antifederalists didn't support the constitution
federalist papers
written by alexander hamilton, john jay, james madison told what they were doing and what the constitution meant
how many ammendments were proposed
how many of the ammendments were accepted by the government
how many ammendments were accepted by the states
10 of the 12
balancing power and liberty was a question facing the us in 1789 because we wanted our gov to
be strong enough to protect people without becoming too powerful
founding father wanted this until thomas jefferson
we wanted a government that was..
strong enough to protect people without becoming too powerful
we wanted our first president to have this
the first president brought this... who was the first president
legitimacy george washington
who was our first elected vice president under the constitution
john adams
people were okaye with the new country because
washington was president
tarriff of 1789
british cannot undersale american goods
judiciary act of 1789
set up judicial branch and establishes supreme court
how many supreme court justices were there
who apports the justices
president appoints, senate confirms
john jay was the first
chief justice of the us supreme court
section 25 of the judiciary act
in any court case at fed. or state level if a question of the constitution should come up, you can issue a writ of appeal and us supreme court will make a decision on that.
bill of rights (1789-1791)
first tem ammendments to the constitution
antifederalists wanted the bill of rights
executive organization was formed to..
enact legislation because the president needed advisors
secretary of state is over the...who was secretary of state...what was he over.
state department thomas jefferson he is over all things foreign
secretary of war is over the...who was the secretary of war for washington
war department henry knox (washingtons right hand man)
secretary of the treasury was over...who was this
treasury department. alexander hamilton
the purpose of hamiltonian federalism was
national power
the philosophy of hamiltonian federalism was
public good and elitism
the two ideas to bring america out of debt was...
funding and assumption
how did we define funding...
-using credits to pay off old credits -pay off debts by giving them savings bonds -6% annual interest rates - most people who had bonds were already wealthy
hamilton said that having a national dept was a good thing because
people will care
most of the debt laid where
up north
jefferson said that he could get ______ if hamilton could get the capital moved to the ______
assumption south
the capital went from here to where?
from new yourk to pittsburg to d.c.
we felt that assumption meant
the us should assume all of the state level debts
protective tarriffs lead to
unfair pricing
washington sides with hamilton because...
he is secretary of the treasury
jefferson didn't want the band and hamilton did... (t or f)
thomas jefferson embraced
party policies
tarriff of 1792
a protective tarriff that was so outrageously high that people will mostly buy american...this helped american businesses grow..was only for the north
was the protective tarriff passed
results of hamilton's program
-finance stability -national power -federalist party
madison was the first
speaker of the house
madison put together this party...
the opposition party
jefferson was upset about _______, so he ____
went to madison, joined, and led.
thomas jefferson didn't want
a group of elites running the country
thomas jefferson believes that a government exists
to protect your liberties
hamilton was pro ____, jefferson was pro ____
british french
problems of the french revolution were...
we were still allied with the french and there was a possibility of them dragging us into it
the us said that the french must be attacked in order...
for us to help, but the french are the ones attacking
the us declared ____ during the french rev.
citizen genea
came to america and was supposed to meet with the exec, but instead went straight to the people and tried to get them to give opinions on the war. he also tried to build an army to invade florida.
british violated ____ of the us neutrality
commercial rights
british stopped these for this reason
ships that were headed to france to aide them.
battle of fallen timbers (1794)
we had to send armies there to fight tribes and make them move further west to ensure the safety of the people
jay's treaty dealt with
foreign policy
the spanish misunderstood ______ and thought it was a ____
jay's treaty alliance
pickney's treaty (1795)...
the spanish thought that jay's treaty was an alliance, so they offered to move their troops off us soil, give the us access to the mississippi river and they wouldn't turn indians against the us. the us didn't have to do anything...just sign
jay's treaty lead to a break
in the diplomatic relations with france
whiskey rebellion...
government was charging a tax on whiskey. people didn't like this and gov. officials were having their lives threatened. a mob started. washington marched. when people saw washington they bailed out of the rebellion
in washington's farewell address, he called on the nation to take what kind of tone.
which two candidates ran for president in the election of 1796?
john adams/thomas pickney (vp) thomas jefferson/aaron burr (vp)
federalists said that we would be what if jefferson won
in order for jefferson to make no taxes,
he gutted the military
we were not ready for the war...
of 1812
we managed to ____ the war
john marshall...
last living standing federalist
judiciary act of 1801
federalists created new positions, taken on by jefferson
marbury vs. madison
is a supreme court case in which a question of the act of congress questions the constitution. *** established judicial review
judicial review
makes sure acts of congress are constitutional (deems what is and what isn't constitutional)
louisiana purchase (1803)
opened up westward expansion for the us. doubles the size of the us. sold to us by napoleon bonaparte
in the election of 1804 this ammendment was adde to the constitution
12 (pres picks vp)
at the chesapeak affair (1807)
british fired holes in ships and sailors were injured american captain was stopped, british took four men in impressment
embargo act
response to war in europe and the chesapeak affair.. allowed no trade at all
did the embargo act hurt or help america
in the election of 1808, who won, and what is he known for
james madison...will be the first commander in chief in a war as a constitutional gov.
who were known as the children of the revolution
henry clay, and john c calhoun
who was tecumseh
a shawnee tribe chief that was taken in by the british and raised by them. was telling people to take a stand and stop america from exanding wesward. he wanted to build a nation.
what did harrison do?
he lead america through the war vs. tecumseh. he was also in charge of territory of indiana
battle of tippecanoe let to
the alliance between tecumseh and britain
causes of the war of 1812 included....
violation of us commercial rights chesapeak affair the west impressment of sailors
jackson's victory at the battle of new orleans commanded

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