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Unit One- Histroy Quiz 2


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New Hampshire secured a royal charter in
Three early Connecticut settlements
Hartford, Wethersfeild, Windsor
T or F Church membership was not a requirement for the right to vote in Connecticut.
Settlements were started in Maine and New Hampshire by
Gorges, John Mason
Maine and New Hampshire were both claimed as part of
Mass bay colony
Head of Massachusetts Bay Colony
JOhn Winthrop
reason for establishing the Mass Bay Colony
religious refuge
group having the greatest influene on the Mass Bay Colony
Contribution on the Mass Bay Colony to colonial gov.
town meetings
reason for establishing Rhode Island
religious freedom
purchased land from Indians for Rhode Island
Roger Williams
Discriminated in Europe established Newport
Separits John Clarke and Anna Hutchenson founded
Puritan Minister who established Conneticut
Thomas Hooker
General who founded New Hamsphire
John Mason
First written constitution in America
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Colony who did not require church members to vote
T or F Dissenters in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were banished from the colony
T or F No real religious freedom was practiced among the Puritans
T or F Massachusetts Bay Colony was free of royal supervision.
T or F William Bradford was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
T or F Massachusetts Bay Colony was settled by more than one thousand colonists
T or F The first town in the colony of Mass was Salem
T or F All adult men who were members of the church were given the right to vote
T or F There was separation of church and state in the Massachusetts colony.
T or F When the General Court was first established, towns had the right to choose their own representatives to the General Court.
T or F Religious freedom in the Massachusetts Bay Colony meant the freedom to leave if you did not like the system
T or F Relations with the Indians remained cordial as the English settlements spread westward.
T or F Roger Williams arrived in Massachusetts in 1631 to become the pastor in Portsmouth.
People from Massachusetts settled in Rhode Island to insure <>freedom.
One of the first Jewish communities in New England was established
at Newport, Rhode Island
Two groups who came to Rhode Island because of discrimination in England
Jews, Quakers
Roger Williams believed the Indians should be <> for the lands being taken by the colonists.
Connecticut was founded by people seeking
freer system of government and more fertile land
Money to finance English exploration and colonization of America was provided by pirates, who were also known as the
Sea Dogs
The idea of colonization caught on in England because of the arguments of
company getting its money from stockholders.
the establishment of a colony or colonies
used for defense of frontier forts
a sharp or sudden rise in prices resulting from too great expansion in paper money or bank credit
a member of the lower house of the colonial legislature in Virginia
low-lying land along a seacoast through which tides flow
founded by or belonging to the king or queen
royal charter
originating in the region or country where found; native
a disease that causes chills, fever, and sweating
a person who comes into a foreign country or region to live
a Protestant in England or Scotland who belongs to some church other than the established church
declared not guilty
a plateau or district lying along or near the foot of a mountain range
a fixed rent paid in money, instead of services rendered
discovered America for England
John Cabot
ordered the Spanish Armada
Phillip II
escaped the Spanish by sailing around the world
Francis Drake
encouraged English colonization
Richard Hukluyt
founded the Roanoke Island colony
Sir Walter Raleigh
the first white child born in America
Virginia Dare
Why did the First settlers some to Jamestown?
quick fortune & adventure
Why Jamestown colony nearly failed
hunted for Silver & Gold and searched for the NorthWest passage to the Orient
four types of men brought to Jamestown in 1607
craftsmen, gentl
Types of Men brought to Jamestown in 1607
skilled craftsmen, gentlemen, doctors, farmers
man who saved Jamestown from an early Failure
John Smith
The man responsible for developing the colony's first cash crop
John Rolfe
At Jamestown the <> Company hoped to find gold and silver and the <> Passage.
London Northwest
The Jamestown colonists participated in their government by electing
The wealthy landowners settled the <> area while the dissenters settled the <> area.
tidewater, piedmont
What were the three outstanding events in 1619 that had a great influence on the colonies?
Representative government came to America. The first slaves were brought to America. The London Company sent women to America
A person who agreed to work for a period of four to seven years for passage to the New World was known as a
indentured servant
The fall line was the geographical dividing line between
tidewater, piedmont
The first representative government in the New World was
House of Burgesses
John Rolfe married
The man who led the farmers of the piedmont in rebellion against Governor Berkeley
Nathanial Bacon
system where each resident got 100 acres of land
Headright System
any of the Puritans who broke from the Church of England during the reign of James I
a person who leaves his own country or region to settle in another
a person who wanted simpler forms of worship and stricter morals
the study of God and His relations with man and the universe
the action of God in deciding beforehand what shall happen
T OR F Luther's purpose for posting his Ninety-five Theses was to debate the church's position on tithing.
T OR F Henry VIII broke with the English Catholic Church and founded the Roman Catholic Church in order to obtain a divorce from his wife.
T or F Under the reign of Henry's daughter Mary, the Church of England became the official church of the nation.
T OR F The Puritans were so called because they wanted to separate from the Church of England.
T OR F Elizabeth I was very tolerant of the Separatists and supported their efforts
T OR F After succeeding Elizabeth I to the throne, James I changed her policies toward the Separatists
Martin Luther
opposed Martin Luther
Henry VII
signed law, making Church of England official
Elizabeth I
certain people destined to go to heaven
wanted to separate themselves from the church
wanted to purify the Church of England
taught the elect are saved by grace; Protestant Reformer
John Calvin
T or F The Separatists were also called Pilgrims.
T or F In order to finance their trip to the New World, the Pilgrims had to form a joint-stock company.
T OR F The stockholders agreed to finance the voyage by providing supplies and allowing the Pilgrims to settle on land belonging to the Massachusetts Bay Company.
The <> was drawn up by the Pilgrims before landing and was their first attempt at self-government.
Mayflower Compact
The first governor of the Plymouth colony, <> , died in 1621 and was succeeded by <>
John Carver, William Bradford
The two Indian friends of the Pilgrims
Samoset Squanto
How long did it take the Pilgrims to sail from England to Provincetown Harbor?
two months
The three things the Pilgrims built after their arrival included
fortification, church , homes
T OR F The Pilgrims were fortunate in that their first winter was mild and not many people died.
Maine remained a part of Massachusetts until
Give three reasons why Sir Edmund Andros was so unpopular in New England
He ordered Purtian churches to open for services to the Church of England, he didn't have much sympathy for the Puritan community, and he had harsh rules and high taxes.
first attempt at self government
Mayflower Compact
Dominion of New England
Gov. Edmund Andros

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