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POLS 207 Exam 2 Ch. 9


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a court matter involving two disputing parties
the accused party in court
the accusing party in court
the attorney acting on behalf of the government in a criminal case
Statutory Law
laws passed by legislators
Common Law
legal traditions developed through court cases going back to England
Civil Cases
disputes between individuals or organizations that do NOT involve law breaking
legal responsibility for damages caused by a civil wrongdoing
Contingency Fees
a plaintiff pays nothing in attorney fees unless the attorney wins an award
Deep Pockets
a party to a lawsuit with an abundance of financial resources
Pain and Suffering Awards
added compensation for the victim of a crime, beyond actual costs for medical care and lost wages
Punitive Damage Awards
multiples of the actual damages found; designed to deter and punish persons or firms found to be at fault
Joint and Several Liability
legal responsibility for full damages regardless of the degree of contribution to harm
a legal harm caused by civil wrongdoing
Loser Pays Law
requirement that the losing party in a civil suit pay the legal fees of the winning party
Judicial Federalism
state courts' authority to interpret their own state's constitutional guarantees beyond those in the US Constitution
Forum, Venue, Court Shopping
common strategy of lawyers; it involves the search for a court that will be most favorably disposed to one's argument

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