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James Madison's plan for the Constitution called for a ______ _____ government
Strong Central
A federal government is one in which the power between state and national governments is _______.
The agreement on a new form of national government is an example of one of the _____ that took place at the Constitutional Convention.
To make sure one branch of government does not get too strong and to give each branch some control over the other branches, what system was inlcuded in the government?
A system of checks and balances
The legislative branch has the power to
make new laws
What branch has the power to make new laws?
The legislative branch
How does the judicial branch balance the legislative branch?
by ruling (deciding) and striking down a law if it is unconstitutional
The Constitution gives the power to regulate trade between states to states or the federal government?
The federal government
State or Feds have the power to raise an army?
The federal government
State or Feds have the power make treatities with foreign countries?
The federal government
The President may check (block) the power of Congress by
vetoing a bill
How does vetoing a bill by the president "check" the power of congress?
To veto a bill means that it now has not chance of beoming a law.
Becuase Virginia lacked a _____ it was not one of the first states to ratify (approve and pass) the Constitution.
Bill of Rights
A plan of government for our new nation is called a
Our national government is sometimes called the
Federal Government
What is the difference between a federal government and a state government?
Fed Govt is bigger and rules over the whole country on some matters. Each state has its own state government and rules over its own state on some matters
What was the last state to ratify the Constitution?
Rhode Island
The delegates to the Constitutional Convention favored a) publicity b) secrecy c) Press Coverage d) debate for over 4 years
b) secrecy (as for debate etc, they took less than 4 months to write the whole thing!)
The Three Fifths Comprimise concerned
counting enslaved persons as 3/5 of a vote
Why was the Three Fifths Comprimise proposed?
Slave states had bigger populations because of their slaves. They would get more representatives in Congress if they had a bigger population. it was decided that they could count their slaves but only as 3/5 not as a whole.
The first 10 _____ of the Constitution are known as the ________.
1st 10 Amendments Bill of Rights
Limiting and defining the powers of the three branches of government so one doesn't become too powerful is called a)federalism b)separation of powers c)popular sovereignty d)checks and balances
b)separation of powers
According to one of the comprimises at the Constitutional Convention, Congress could not outlaw the slave trade for ___years!
20 years!
At the Constitutional Convention, large and small states comprimised by allowing each state to have
2 senators elected representatives (congressmen)based on population (Ca has 54 congressmen/women now!)
Senators and representatives are members of what branch of government
What do we call the group of people from the legislative branch of government?
Congress- made of senators and congressmen
What are the 2 "houses" of Congress (in the legislative branch) ?
The Senate The House of Representatives
What is the name given to people elected to the House of Representatives?
According the the Constitution, a bill passes Congress when it receives
a majority of votes from both houses!
The main purpose of the preamble of the Constitution of the United States is to
state the purpose of the Constitution
Representation in the senate for each state is determined by
nothing- it's equal representation for all states. Each gets 2!
Who are our senators?
Jim Webb and John Warner
Which is not a power of state government? a) declare war b) set up local government c) build roads d) build puplic schools
a) declare war
What does it mean that the Constitution is "supreme?"
The Constitution is the "supreme law" which is above all other laws-including state laws, individuals, and which in effect spelled out the rights of the people - the terms of the contract which allowed a government to require obedience from its citizens.
Because the Constitution is "supreme" the national government has more or less or the same amount of power that state government?
The New Jersey plan provided for all EXCEPT a) a strong national government b) equal representation among states c) three branches of government d) powers the same as under the Articles of Confederation
a) a strong national government (like the articles of Confed, the NJ plan was all about state rights!
The division of power between the national government and the state is called ___
Federalism is the division of _____ between the ______ government and the _______ government.
The division of power between the national government and the state government.
Connecticut delegate who took the best of the small and large state plans to create the Great Comprimise.
Roger Sherman
Roger Sherman, a Connecticut delegate took the best of the small and large state plans to create the ____ ______.
Great Comprimise!
This Pennsylvania delegate used his powers of persuasion to settle disputes through compromise..
Benjamin Franklin
A Virginia delegate who presented the Virginia plan but refused to sign the Constitution
Edmund Randolph
Edmund Randolph - who is he and what did he do?
-Virginia delegate -Presented the Virginia plan but... -refused to sign the Constitution
A Va delegate who drafted a new framework of government
James Madison
Who were 2 VA delegates?
James Madison Edmund Randolph
The New Jersey Plan was based on what important document?
The Articles of Confederation
Author of the New Jersey Plan
William Patterson
to ratify means to
To approve and give formal sanction to; confirm.
What is Compromise?
What is Compromise? Compromise is a basic negotiation process in which both parties give up something that they want in order to get something else they want more.
What do you call a negotiation process in which both parties give up something that they want in order to get something else they want more.
A Compromise
What is a tariff?
A tariff is a tax put on goods when they are brought into a country to be sold. Ex; When Spain sends up lemons,we charge Spain a tax on every lemon they sell in the USA.
Why do countries have protective tariffs?
T o protect our US sellers business. The US charges tariffs so that a country that sells something in the US, say,doesn't sell more goods than the US does. We don't want Spain selling more lemons here than California sells or else it will put California lemon farmers out of business.
HOw many states are needed to ratify the constitution?
For the ratification cartoon: Federalist or not?
Federalist. They want ratification
The number of representatives is based on the population of the state. This is the idea from what plan?
The Virginia Plan
Were large or small states favored in the Virginia plan?
Each state would be equally represented and there was only one house in congress. This is from what plan.
The New Jersey Plan
With the Great Compromise, only one house can present a bill. Which one?
The House of Representatives
Why was it decided in the Great Compromise that only one house can present a bill?
At first either house could present the bill. But large states thought it would give small states extra power. So it was changed.
In which plan was two houses for the legislative branch created?
The Great Comprimise. With the Va and NJ plan- they both just had one house.
What part of the VA and NJ plan did the Great Comprimise use?
From VA plan: MAke one house with the number of reps based on state size NJ PLAN: Make one house with the same number of reps
Which house can propose a bill?
House of Representatives
Who has to ok a bill to make it a law?
Both the H of Reps and the Senate must approve.
What is the official name of the formal meeting in 1787 of 55 delegates in Philly, Pennsylvania to 1) discuss the Articles of Confederation 2) Write a constitution
The Constitutional Convention
What were the two main events/goals of the Constitutional Convention?
1) discuss the Articles of Confederation 2) Write a constitution
What do we call a tax on imports to protect manufactures in our country?
A protective tariff
Why was a protective tariff made?
To give northern manufacturing states a little edge when British goods were imported
Why did the Constition writers create a protective tariff when they created the 3/5 comprimise?
The 3/5 compromise helped southern states so the tariff was created to help northern states
Which house in congress can not propose a bill but can vote on it?
The Senate

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