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history - american studies


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who did the populist movement help?
farmers and laborers
who helped the Native Americans?
Thomas Nast and Helen Hunt Jackson
Populist movement had a strong focus on
land and nature
how did spanish influence native americans?
brought the gun and horse
how did native americans leaders rule?
by council
what did spanish influence do to the native americans?
increase mobility more efficient hunting created tribal warfare
what book did helen hunt jackson write?
a century of dishonor
who was in charge of the Massacre at Sand Creek?
S.R. Curtis
what did the Dawes Act do?
supported assimilation congress tried to Americanize NA by forcing individual land ownership
Battle of Wounded Knee...
ended all indian wars
who invented barbed wire?
Joseph F. Glidden
whenwas the close of the frontier
what was the homestead act of 1862?
offered 160 acres free to gead of household
what are exodusters?
af. am. who moved from post-reconstruction to Kansas
what are dugouts?
homes dug into sides of ravines
freestanding, made from blocks of prairie turf
women's role in the west?
worked in fields sheared sheep
who invented the reaper?
cyrus mccormick
what was the more efficient way to pan for gold?
sluices and rockers
paper money not exchanged for gold or silver
hard backs?
coins and paper money in yellow ink that is exchanged for gold
who founded The Grange?
Oliver hudson kello
what was the 'people's party'?
populist party
what did populism fight for?
rights of farmers and laborers
who did the populists battle?
railroad company
republicans in panic of 1893; wanted less money in circulation
democrats in panic of 1893; wanted more money in circulation
why did populism collapse
sided with the democratics (jennings bryan) who had little support and funds
who write rags to riches stoies?
horatio alger
steel monopoly?
oil monopoly?
railroad monopoly?
ownership and profits remain with individual companies with huge concentration of powers to reduce competition
buy up other companies to achieve monopoly
horizontal integration
buy up companies in related but different areas to achieve monopoly
vertical integration
who made steel production more efficient
who created the time zones
professer c.f. dowd
who wrote theory of biological evolutioin
charles darwin
who wrote the evolution of human society
herbin spencer
leader of the Knights of Labor?
Terrence Powderly
Leader of American Federation of LAbor
Samuel Gompers
American Railway Unuion
eugene debs
overt favoritism to native born americans
Who required immigrantas to write 25 words of the constitution in some language before being accepted into the country?
henry cabot lodge
What banned entry into the US to all chinese immigrants except students merchants teachers and tourists?
Chinese exclusion act
What made Japan's gov. agree to limit immigration of unskilled workers to the US
Gentlemen's Agreement
Danish american
JAcob Riis
lock out employees so they wont get paid
replacement worker?
'bad' list of union members passed around to different factories so they won't be hired
multi-family dwelling
first department store?
Leader of taminy ring?
boss tweed
president during the span. am. war?
president during expansion west?
ulysses s. grant (prbably)
one country conquers territories not contiguous to their own
what are the four types of imperialism?
colonial cultural political economic
starting countries for imperialism?
britain, france, spain, netherlands, portugal
who enetered the empire race late? why?
Japan- late industrialiazation Germany- not unified italy - industrialization
Rough riders
led by roosevelt
yellow journalism
complete fabrication of the truth published in magazines and newspapers
allowed cuban sugar to enter Us duty free
mckinley tariff act
placed a 40% tax on cuban sugar because we got our own from HAwaii
wilson-gorman tariff act
incorporated territories and examples?
territories destined for statehood; alaska hawaii
unincorporated possessions and examples?
territories not destined for statehood; citizens not guaranteed rights of constitution; PR philipines, samoa
imperialists justify themselves with...
social darwinism
examples of imperialists were ...
Roosevelt, Mahan, Strong
anti-imperialists believed imperialism was a threat to...
who wrote "the influence of sea power upon world history" and thought we need a strong navy to be a world power
Alfred t. mahan
congrssional minister, wrote 'our country'
josiah strong
roosevelt was a ________ in span. am. war
What did the US possess before the Span. am. war?
midway islands, alaska, leased pearl harbor
cuba's nickname in span. am. war?
ever faithful isle
last remnants of spain in the new world?
PR and cuba
editor of 'the new york journal'
editor oif 'the world'
battleship that mysteriously exploded in havana harbor?
uss maine
year of span. am. war?
letter that the press publishes saying mckinley is weak, would-be politician thatdoes what people tell him to
Delome letter
this admiral attacked spain in Manila Bay, Philipines and was successful?
admiral Dewey
Was the US army prepared for the span. am war?
deported from the philipines after continuing to fight america because the philipines did not get freedom after war?
emilio aguinaldo
Us gets these territories after the war...
wake island, PR, Cuba, philipines
who wrote the 'open door letters'
john hay
how much does china pay for the boxer rebellion?
333 million
fueling point on way to china and japan and owned befor span. am. war
midway island
this man purchased alaska?
nickname for alaska
seward's ice box
naval station on route to austrailia and new zealand
which fueling station is split between US, britain, and germany?
where dewey sinks spanish fleet?
ceded to us from spain for 20 mil.
guam, PR, and philipines
last area with fighting in span. am. war
progressive presidents in order
roosevelt, taft, wilson
appointed governor of the phillipines?

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