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Governemt- Congress


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What does article 1 do?
Make Laws
In the senate, who is most important?
Majority Leader
Who presides over the senate?
Vice President
What is logrolling?
congress people agree to do favors for each other
What is pork barrell politics?
Congress people fund projects for voter if voted for
How many are in the house? senate?
House: 435 (more can be added by congress) Senate: 100
How long are terms in the house? senate?
House: 2 years Senate: 6 years
How old must you be to be apart of the house? senate?
House: 25 Senate: 30
What is the citizenship rules for the house? senate?
House: U.S citizen for at least 7 years Senate: U.S citizenship for at least 9 years
What are the residency rules for the house? senate?
House & Senate: must live in the state they represent
How often are population counts taken?
every 10 years
How often do the number of reps. each state gets change?
every 10 years
What is gerrmandering?
To redraw district lines and illegal if done to benefit any one group
What is racial gerrymandering?
It's illegal and splits up minorities to give less voting power
What ammendment states people could vote for senators?
17th ammendment
What does filabuster mean?
to talk endlessly or to kill or delay a bill
What is cloture?
way to end a filabuster and voted on by 60 senators
What is an expressed power?
spelled out in the constitution
What is an implied pwoer?
Necessary and proper clause
What is eminent domain?
government takes private property for public use
Who can Congress impeach?
president, V.P., & judges
What does impeachment mean?
to bring charges against someone
What are outcomes of impeachment?
Resign, acquited, or removed from office
What two presidents were impeached?
Clinton & Andrew Jackson
Who presides over the house during impeachment?
Chief Justice

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