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history chp twenty


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Where was the Age of Enlightenment centered?
Whose work greatly influenced thinkers of the Enlightenment?
Who contributed to the Encyclopedie?
Denis Diderot, Baron de Montesquieu
Which rulers made an attempt to practice some of the new political ideas in the Enlightenment?
Maria Theresa, Joseph II of Austria, Frederick II of Prussia
Where did artists, musicians, and writers get their ideas from?
Greeks & Romans
Who were Count von Zinzendorf and John Wesley?
led a religious movement with more feeling than Deism
theories that attempted to explain facts
Francis Bacon
scientific method *find out more about him
Rene Descartes
scientific method *find out more about him
What happened during the Scientific Revolution?
- new scientific institutions set up - lectures, manuals publicized latest advances - witchcraft accusations die down - Drs. promote scientific diagnosis & attack healers' methods
The British marched to ___ to seize colonial arms.
At ___ the British encountered a force of minutemen & the first shot was fired.
Who appointed G. Washington head of the army and sent what proposal to King ____?
Second Continental Congress...Olive Branch Petition...King George III
What convinced the French to join the American Revolution?
the colonists' victory at Saratoga
What was the last battle of the American Revolution?
What kind of gov't did America first set up?
a confederation (loose union of states)
Whose writings influenced the authors of the Constitution?
Montesqieu (3 branches of gov't idea)
The return of the House of Stuart to the throne is known as the ____.
return of House of Stuart to throne is known as the ____
____ passed the ____ which reinstated the ____ as England's religon
Parliament...Clarendon Code...Church of England
With the new powers of parliament, England's form of gov't became a ____
constitutional monarchy
2 new political parties in England & their views
- Whigs: against James II - Tories: for James II
What was hebeas corpus?
established by Parliament; said people could not be held in prison without just cause
overthrow of James II is known as ____
Glorius Revolution
James II ignored Parliament's religious laws and appointed ____ to gov't positions.
The ____, passed by Parliament in 1689, further limited the powers of the king and guaranteed invid. rights
Bill of Rights
The ____ excluded Catholics from inheriting the throne
Act of Settlement
The ____ unified England and ____ into the nation called ____
Act of Union...Scotland...Great Britain
King George I's native language was ____
George I relied on ____, who as head of the ____ became the first ____. minister
What did Immanuel Kant believe?
people are constantly in a state of hostility
True or False: James I believed in divine right
True, he conflicted with Parliament
What was one of James I's biggest problems?
He had to keep asking Parliament for $$ until finally they refused & he resorted to taxes, etc.
What did King James think about criticizers of the church?
They were not loyal
Did James' son, Charles, support Puritans?
No, he also opposed the Puritans.
What did Charles want $$ for? Did Parliament agree?
war with Spain/

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