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Chapter 7 History Notes


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What were some causes of french unrest?
Bad harvests, high prices, high taxes, and disturbing questions raised by the Enlightenment ideas of Locke, Rousseau, and Voltaire.
What is another name for the estate system of france?
Old Regime
How many estates were there?
Who owned 10% of the land in France?
The Clergy (Roman Catholic Church)
Who made up the second Estate?
Rich nobles
Who owned 20% of the land in france before the revolution?
The Second Estate
What percentage of the population of France was made up of Rich Nobles?
Which estate did 97% of people belong to?
The Third Estate
What three groups made up the third estate?
Bourgeoise (middle class), Workers, Peasants.
Which part of the third Estate does this describe? Bankers, factory owners, merchants, professionals, and skilled artisans.
Which part of the third Estate does this describe? Tradespeople, apprentices, laborers and domestic servants.
Which was the poorest group within the Third Estate?
The Workers
Which part of the third Estate does this describe? Paid half their income in dues to nobles, tithes to the Church, an taxes to the King's agesnts.
Which enlightenment philosophers were quoted most by the Third Estate before the Revolution?
Rousseau and Voltaire
Who said: "The Third Estate is the People and the People is the foundation of the State"
Comte D'Antraigues
When did France's government sink deeply into debt?
During the 1770's and 1780's
Which two public figures were part of France's debt problem?
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
When did bankers refuse to lend the government any more money?
Who, besides the Third Class did Louis XVI finally resort to taxing?
The Nobility
The Second Estate forced Louis XVI to call this meeting:
Estates General
What was the Estates General?
An assembly of representatives from all three estates.
When was the meeting of the Estates General called?
May 5, 1789 at Versailles
Who had dominated the Estates-General in throughout the Middle Ages?
The clergy and Nobles.
This person was a leading spokesman for the cause of the Third Estate at the 1789 meeting of the Estates General
Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyes
What did Sieyes suggest in his dramatic speech to the Estates General?
He suggested that the Third Estate delegates name themselves the National Assembly and pass laws and reforms in the name of the French people.
When did the Third Estate vote to establish the National Assembly?
June 17, 1789
Name this event: Third Estate delegates broke down a door to a tennis court and pledged to stay until they had drawn up a new constitution.
Tennis Court Oath
What was the Bastille?
A Paris Prison.
When is Bastille day celebrated in France?
July 14
Armed with pitchforks and farm tools, peasants destroyed old legal papers that bound them to feudal dues and burned down manor houses. This was one of the events which happened in a period of time called:
Great Fear
When did thousands of parisian women force louis and Marie Antoinette to return to Paris?
October 1789

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