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GWA100 Midterm


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the process by which rulers are selected and empowered to make decisions, take actions in order to obtain common goals, and recogncile conflicts in political communities
associations of individuals who share a common identity
A vechile through which societies are ruled
Types of Governments
Republic & Non-Republic
Power resides with people
Types of Non-Republics
Monarchies, dictatorship, totalitarian, authorian
Predominate type of non-republic today
Systematic control over ALL institutions
Modern dictatorship, organized religion
People elect officals to speak on their behalf
Three Branches of Government
Legislative, Judiciary, Executive
Branches of Socialism
Communism & Facisim
Examples of Facisim
Hitler, Mussolini, Japan (prior to WWII)
Examples of Communism
Lenin/Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Il Song
Types of Totalitarian Governments
Communism & Fascism
Islamic Republic
Secular Government: Iran (Shah)
take your allies as they are, regardless of their government type
Current Foreign Policy of US
neoconservative: must be a republic. the belief that everyone wants to be a democracy and we are obligated to democratize the world
Foreign policy that the US is going back to
the people that live within the same country [have shared values, languages and customs] ex: Americans
a specific piece of the world, borders, system of governing, flag and infrastructure [ex: United States]
People that share the same values, language, customs and who live in a specific piece of the world.
extremists who support their country
People of a nation who are very similar: same religion, values, language, customs. deep ancestral roots.
US caused _____ after WWI & WWII
Nationless state
people of country dont consider themselves a collective group [ex: darfur, ottoman empire, austria-hungry, Rawanda]
Stateless Nation
group of people who are culturally similar but dont have a specific territory [ex: kurds, jews, palestinians
Divided State
Nations of Iraq
Sunni Muslim, Shiite Muslim, Kurdish
Palestinians in Israel
FATAH- US supports HAMAS- sways elections
Foundation of our Democracy
Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence & when?
1776 Thomas Jefferson
1700s Relationship between colonies & brits
british didnt expect free raw materials, colonies did not ask for protection, colonies were self governing
1750s Relationship between colonies & brits
brits aid in fighting French & Inidans in America. Brits bill Americans for services & protection
1770s Relationship between colonies & brits
Paper, glass, tea & stamps subject to tax by Brits. Brits increase military presence
French & Indian War
Brit & Colonies vs French & Indians
Anti-colonial Revolution
Declaration of Independence
Main points of D.I.
people have right to abolish unfair government; national gov is less powerful than state governments; all men created equal; unalienable rights; seperation of church & state
Congress Makes Laws Enforces Law
Courts (Supreme Court) Interprets laws to make sure they abide by the constitution
Powers of Federal Government
Postal Service Military Create Treaties Print Money
Powers of State Governments
Criminal Punishments Divorce
What was created to prevent the national government from becoming too powerful
Federation Seperation of Powers Systems of checks and Balances
Articles of Federation
Written by James Madison to convince citizens to create a federal government
# of seats in House of Representatives
based on population: 435 total. Serve 2 year terms
Legislative branch is divided into:
Senate & HOR
Seats in Senate
2 per state 1/3 up for relection every 2 years
Politically motivated redistricting. whoever controls legislature in each state controls redistricting
Senators are elected
Statewide 1/3 up for relection every 2 years
Purpose of staggered tenors of office in gov
prevent all seats in gov from changing in the same year
Reagen democrats
economically democratic, conservative values
Ultimate examples of checks & balances
Filibusters Vetos Judicial Review
all deomcrats in senate vote against allowing a bill to end debate. when bills are created in congress, they must have a 60/100 vote to end debate and make a final vote (51/100). Democrats frequently fillibuster laws to prevent them from leaving debate bc there are always 41 democrats, the bill cant leave debate.
Silent Majority
Americans out working hard, not caught in midst of protests and debates. crave law and order. AGAINST Miranda Rights.
Marbury vs Madison
Courts review actions of exec board
US courts are the only courts to have
judicial review over President
Essence of a democracy
derive powers from consent of the governed
candidate gets almost all electoral votes
Presidential candidate must get _____ to get elected
____ total electoral votes
435 (HOR)+ 100 (Senate) + 3 (DC)= 538
Electoral College
System created to avoid using popular vote when electing a president

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