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U.S. History Test


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Told Europe to "butt out"
Monroe Doctrine
Where Washington is "inaugurated"
New York City- United States' first capitol
George Washington
First president
Thomas Jefferson
> Secretary of State > Vice President to Adams > 3rd president
John Adams
> 2nd president >Federalist
Henry Knox
Secretary of War
Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of State
What is the Bill of Rights?
First 10 amendments to the Constitution- basic liberties (e.g. Freedom of speech, press, religion, trial by jury)
Supported a strong central government
Federalist party
Supported strong state governments
Republican party
What did Eli Whitney invent?
Cotton Gin- led to sharp increase in cotton production, requiring more slaves
Pennsylvania farmers refuse to pay tax on whiskey
Whiskey Rebellion
Jay's Treaty (4)
>British surrender forts in the West >U.S. pays back set amount of debts to Britain >Clear boundary line between U.S. and Canada >Gives British the right to seize U.S. ships carrying supplies to a British enemy
XYZ Affair
France demands a large sum of money before discussing a treaty- following the French Rev.
French are supported by this party
Democratic-Republican (led by Jefferson)
Neutrality is favoured by this party
Federalists (led by Adams)
Alien and Sedition Acts
Makes it a crime to criticize government (treason)
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
Declared Alien and Sedition acts unconstitutional
New U.S. Capital
Washington D.C.
Price of the Lousiana Purchase
Who explored the LA Territory from 1804-1806
Lewis and Clark
Act that forced ships to remain in the port to prevent captures from the French and British
Embargo Act
How many 4-year terms did John Adams serve?
One (1)
First official to handle foreign affairs
T. Jefferson
What is a tax on goods coming into the U.S. called?
Excise tax
The U.S. and France fought an undeclared 2-year naval war during President John Adams' administration. True or False?
The Tripoli War was caused by the interference by the Barbary pirates with American shipping in the Mediterranean Sea. True or False?
West Point is the home of the U.S. Naval Academy. True or False?
False- West Point is the home of the U.S. MILITARY Academy
Who did the Embargo Act hurt?
The merchants who had to stop manufacturing and trading goods overseas
Did Adams agree with his party on the topic of war with France?
No, they turned against him when he refused to war with France.
Which party was hurt by the Alien and Sedition acts?
Who wrote the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions? What were they?
>Jefferson and Madison >A declaration that the laws were unconstitutional
To declare a law unconstitutional is to...
...nullify it
Election of 1800: Who won?
T. Jefferson
What were the midnight judges?
In Adams' last days in office, he appointed a handful of Federalist judges to continue to represent him.
What was the Madison vs. Marbury court case about?
Madison (Republican representative) was sued by Marbury for not receiving the job as a justice that Adams had appointed to him. Marbury lost.
Which Americans were likely to ignore the embargo?
New England merchants
What were the causes of the War of 1812? (1808-1817)
>Indian Attacks (encouraged by the British) >the War Hawks (Republican congressmen, already hated by England) > Freedom of the seas (Britain interfered with U.S. trade) > Impressment (British navy captured American sailors)
Did the military strategy to capture Canada succeed?
No, it failed.
Monroe's Secretary of State
John Q. Adams
"Brilliant" Secretary of State
Alexander Hamilton
Jefferson's Vice President
War hero at New Orleans
Ended the War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
Year the LA Purchase was made
Who said this in their farewell address? "No entangling alliances!"
George Washington

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