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A psychologist testing an Asian-American child whose primary language is not English repeated the test instructions to the child and had the child repeat the instructions back until the tester was sure she understood. This is...
acceptable where permitted in the test manual
For young children, which 2 things are critical ingredients of Vygotsky's zone of proximal development?
pretend play and
play w/adults
In Vascular Dementia impairment is...
uneven early on (i.e., significantly greater in some intellectual functions than in others)
Alzheimer's disease impairment is...
even & progressive
When women diagnosed with bulimia are compared to controls, it has been found that they tend to come from families which are...
enmeshed, dependent, & high in conflict
narcolepsy & cataplexy are triggered by...
strong emotion
If a client files an ethics complaint against you and the APA's ethics committee asks you for that client's records, you should..
supply the records to the committee
Name 3 things about assessment centers...
- used for managers
- use work samples like the in-basket technique
- valid for predicting job success
the first step in designing a training program is to...
conduct a needs assessment
job enrichment involves...
giving employee more responsibility
To eliminate responses learned through avoidance conditioning, use...
classical extinction
As one gets older, the proportion of REM sleep to non-REM sleep...
An individual faced with a choice between two equally attractive alternatives (an "approach-approach" conflict) chooses one of the alternatives over the other. As a result...
The chosen alternative will seem more attractive, while the unchosen alternative will seem less attractive
What reflects the number of scores that, given a fixed value (e.g., a sample mean) are "free to vary"?
degrees of freedom
When empirical criterion keying is used to develop a test, items chosen for inclusion are those that:
distinguish between preselected groups or subgroups
Psychologist who talks about latent learning?
Eta (aka correlation ratio) is used to measure the relationship between variables when the relationship is...
LISREL and other forms of structural equation modeling are particularly useful for analyzing data collected from a...
non-experimental study
When are psychologist recommendations about parental custody ok?
when based on a thorough evaluation
To maximize referent power you would be best advised to:
engage in role-modeling and treat subordinates fairly
For an Adlerian, a child's misbehavior is most likely:
a misguided attempt to belong
Offense history has been found to be a good predictor of re-offense among juvenile offenders. Of the offense history factors, what 3 things are predictive of re-offense:
1. age of first contact w/the law,
2. age at commencement of first offense,
3. length of first incarceration
The "Zeigarnik effect" is most likely to occur in...
non stressful situations
As defined by Bandura, self-efficacy beliefs have four sources. These are:
1. past accomplishments,
2. observations of others,
3. verbal persuasion, and
4. logical verification
Test users who do not have adequate knowledge or experience in modifying tests for individuals with disabilities should...
seek guidance from a lawyer, consultant, or supervisor who has expertise regarding the test
As a result of damage to the right __________, a person is able to point to objects and avoid bumping into them but is unable to name them or describe their purpose:
As originally defined by Tatum and Seevers (1931), "habituation" occurs when:
a person desires a drug but does not experience adverse effects when he/she discontinues it
Research suggests that, in comparison to popular children, less popular children tend to be what 3 things?
1. intelligent,
2. cooperative,
3. physically attractive
A middle-aged man with brain damage cannot pantomime motor movements when requested to do so (e.g., cannot pretend to open a door with a key) but usually has less trouble performing the same movements when using actual objects. The damage causing this im
left posterior parietal lobe
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder share which symptom:
repetitive rituals
Describe mixed standard scale
the rater is provided with a list of behavioral examples and asked to indicate whether the ratee’s performance is equal to, worse than, or better than the performance
When assessing the reliability and validity of a job selection test, your sample includes current employees who are all doing fairly well on the job. The nature of your sample will most likely have which of the following effects:
deflate both correlations (reliability & validity)
Goal-setting theory applies best to what type of tasks?
simpler ones
Bandura's social learning theory implies that, in organizational settings, a training program will be most effective when what 4 things are included?
(1) self-efficacy beliefs; (2) intrinsic motivation; (3) focus on overt activities & behaviors;
(4) people have prerequisite skills
Piaget states the construction of unit concepts and the ability to reason about reasoning occurs during which stage?
formal operational
The development of a "reflective self" is characteristic of Piaget's stage of?
concrete operational
Recent research has found that women in which group has the highest lifetime rate of victimization by an intimate partner:
native americans
Recent research has found that women in which group has the lowest lifetime rate of victimization by an intimate partner:
asian american
To determine if the test you have developed is valid for making diagnostic decisions, you would be most interested in determining if it has adequate:
concurrent validity
Research by Weiner found that people with a high need for achievement tend to attribute their failures to..
unstable internal factors or to stable external factors
A diagnosis of Male Erectile Disorder requires:
an inability to attain or maintain an erection until completion of sexual activity
What does Male erectile disorder not require?
a minimum duration of symptoms for this diagnosis
Previous stats on african american males state suicide highest for age ___, whereas recent stats state the more age range as ___

You are working in a correctional facility and are asked to evaluate a prisoner to determine his eligibility for parole. In this situation, you should:
conduct the evaluation only if you believe it will serve a useful dispositional function

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