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Community Health Nursing


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specific areas of concern
health promotion, protection, preventive services
jointly sponsored state and federal program that pays for medical services for the aged, poor, blind, disabled and families with dependent children
Local health department
direct responsibility to the citizens in their community or jurisdiction. The services and programs offered vary greatly depending on the state and local health codes. Level of care varies by the level of involvement with care necessary in the community. Point of service varies also, some provide specialized to individual clients that require follow up by a nurse
the study of distribution and determinants of health events in human populations and the application of this knowledge to improving health of communities
refers to the constant presence of an infectious disease within a specific geographic area or to the usual level of a condition in a population
occurs when the rate of disease,injury or other condition is clearly in excess of the usual level of that condition
a worldwide outbreak
mortality rate
estimate of the risk of death for a person in a given population for that year
rates refer to the prevalence and incidence of the disease
prevalence rate
a measure of existing disease in a population at a particular time
reflects the number of new cases developing in a population at risk during a specified time
a group of people who share some common aspect such as age, economic status, cultural background, gender, area of residence or chronic illness
health maintenance organization
preferred provider organizations-health plans that reduce cost by establishing a network of preferred providers, physicians, hospitals and others whom agree to provide comprehensive health services to subscribers while charging a discount rate. offer more freedom=more $
diagnosis related group-1982/3 federal legislation established a prospective payment system for health care services based on DRG's
a business or corporation engaged in an activity for the purpose of making a profit
third party payers
insurance companies, charities, or govt. institutions or programs that make reimbursements to health care providers- not including client
Ethno relativity
the ability to appreciate and respect the viewpoints of other cultures

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