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the 1960s


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JFK Assassination
November 22, 1963, Dallas, TX
Cesar Chavez
led United Farm Workers - migrants for better conditions and wages
Housing and Urban Development Act
HUD - 1968 - housing assistance for low income families
Pop Art
using inanimate objects and bright colors
Job Corps
Work training for those 16 - 21
Lee Harvey Oswald
Assassinated JFK, later killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby
Red Power
American Indian Movement - Minnesota Chippewas in the 1970s
John F. Kennedy
(1) charm, wit, good looks, war record (2) separation of church and state (3) youngest president ever elected (43) (4) attorney general Bobby Kennedy (5) commission for status of women
Hot Line
direct connection between US and Soviet Union during Cold War
Alliance for Progress
Program introduced by Kennedy to expand economic aid to Lat. Am. (1) offered billions of dollars in aid to participating countries (2) in return, countries expected to develop democratic reforms and encourage capitalism
Brown Power
Chicano Movement - young Mex-Am students emphasize pride in Mexican culture and heritage
Equal Pay Act
made it illegal to pay women less than men for the same job
Berlin Wall
Most recognizable symbol of Cold War
health care insurance for people over 65
Lyndon B. Johnson
(1) Great Society (2) took over after Kennedy's assassination
Great Society
Johnson's programs
Fidel Castro
Cuban dictator...
Hippies - Haight-Ashbury (SF, CA) was the capital, Woodstock was the high point
Volunteers In Service To America - a domestic Peace Corps
Flexible Response
Kennedy's strategy for keeping options open for international crises
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee - students throughout the south
health care to the needy
New Frontier
the name of Kennedy's programs
Bay of Pigs
(1) uprising led by Fidel Castro, overthrowing Fulgencio Batista (2) Castro established communist dictatorship w/ ties to Soviet Union (3) Anti-Castro Cuban refugees invade Cuba (trained and financed by CIA) (4) disastrous - at the last minute Kennedy vetoed direct US involvement and didn't send naval or air support ***Kennedy takes the blame for failed invasion***
British Invasion
Rolling Stones, the Beatles
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
NONVIOLENT Church-based Af-Am group dedicated to ending discrimination (Led by MLKj)
Generation Gap
differences in culture (mainstream & hippies)
Malcolm X
led Black Power Movement - focused on gaining economic & political power (by force if needed)
low-income preschoolers
Omnibus Housing Act
1968 - millions for urban renewal
Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
1963 - US, Soviet Union, Britain, agree to stop testing nuclear weapons
Bethel, NY -500,000 attended -high point of hippie movement -Hendrix, the Who, Led Zeppelin
Freedom Summer
campaign to register Af-Am voters
Civil Rights Act of 1964
barred discrimination in employment and public accomodations and gave the justice department the power to bring lawsuits to enforce school desegregation
Peace Corps
sent volunteers to work in developing countries for 2 years

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